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The Giro Synthe helmet is an excellent option for riders looking to trail or race in any condition. It is an excellent choice for those who need excellent all-around performance and a comfortable fit. In this Giro Synthe MIPS review, we discuss the comfort, adjustability, weight, style, ventilation, safety measures, value and other features of this mountain bike helmet. 

Our Verdict

If you want a helmet that is both comfortable and adjustable, with good ventilation, then the Giro Synthe might be your best bet. It earns top marks in every category we assess except for weight distribution, which could improve (although other models may do better job meeting specific needs). In addition, the semi-aerodynamic design helps create less wind resistance while still providing adequate protection against accidents and making this product an excellent choice overall.

 The Giro Synthe helmet is an excellent option for riders looking to train or race in any condition. Finally, It’s light, has an adjustable fit that can be worn with glasses, and comes at an affordable price.

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Technical Details of Giro Synthe MIPS

Weight (grams)312 g (size L)
Size Range (cm)59-63 cm (size L)
Number of Vents19
SizesS, M, L
Fit SystemRoc Loc 5 Air
Price$176.00 – $270.00

Pros and Cons of Giro Synthe MIPS

Pros  Cons 
Lightweight  Expensive price 
Low profile design 
Well ventilation 
Carry comfortable 

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Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of Giro Synthe MIPS

The Giro Synthe MIPS is a dream come true for any cyclist. It has the perfect amount of padding in all areas, can be adjusted easily to fit your head perfectly without being too tight or loose anywhere. In addition, it has excellent ventilation with an aerodynamic profile that won’t slow you down when riding through breezy conditions. However, it still offers protection from distractions like falloff transitions away from highway surfaces onto bike lanes where debris may become more prevalent due to their increased visibility.

The Giro Synthe MIPS is a versatile motorcycle accessory that does it all, from providing comfort and ventilation with its Roc Loc Air fit system. In addition, it offers protection in case you get into an accident through those specially added liners designed for added safety. Its lightweight yet durable construction makes this bad boy easy enough, even if your experience doesn’t extend much past changing tires on ride day.

Detailed Review of Giro Synthe MIPS


The Synthe MIPS has several essential features that make it comfortable for various head shapes and sizes. As a result, all our testers consistently rank this among the most comfortable helmets we offer, with many saying they would buy one just because their favorite rider is wearing it.

The Synthe MIPS features Giro’s Roc Loc Air fit system with a total circumference adjustable headband designed to cradle the head and keep it in place while still allowing movement freedom. This helps promote airflow inside your helmet without disrupting any balance or creating pressure points against more rigid materials such as EPS foam liners which can be found on many cheaper options today.

Giro Synthe MIPS review

The XStatic Pads along with the full circumference headband make for a very comfortable, cradled fit.

The padding is minimal but placed strategically to provide enough support without being too bulky or distracting. The helmet is designed with a chinstrap system and adjustable y-buckle, making for an easy fit that will stay in place no matter where you ride. 

The webbing material used to make these straps are thin yet strong, which means they’re very comfortable on your head as well. Our testers loved how seamlessly this small buckle goes unnoticed during intense moments or long periods of riding. Dialing in the perfect tension ensures nothing moves around while wearing it. 

giro synthe mips review

The Roc Loc Air Fit system has a full circumference adjustable headband that supports the head and allows airflow between the head and the EPS foam liner.


The Synthe MIPS offers an extremely high level of adjustability. The internal Roc Loc Air Fit system can be adjusted to fit a variety of head shapes and circumferences, ranging from 55-59 cm in size. This is done via their very own patented “air” design, which wraps around your entire circumference, so it’s more adept at fitting different shaped heads than other brands.

The adjustment dial on the back of this helmet is smaller than some other models but still easy to use with gloves on. It also has 2cm worth of fore-and-aft movement so that you can find your perfect fit.

Our only complaint with these chinstraps is the fixed anchor position of their rear straps. They’re adjustable, which we love, and they allow you to tension evenly between the front and rear configurations – but it would be better if there were some way for them both to touch your head at all times.

The chinstrap buckle on the helmet is adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen it as much as needed to fit your head perfectly. If someone has a more significant difference between their top-head size and bottom jawline, they may have had trouble adjusting for this. However, since we tested outliers included in our findings, most users should not experience any problems with fitting due to adjustability.


For those looking for a lightweight but protective helmet, the Synthe MIPS might be just what you need. Our model weighs 312 grams and includes an additional 20-30 gram liner, which significantly brings its total weight down from other top-tier helmets on today’s market.

The non-MIPS helmets are still available on the market, but they don’t offer quite as much security. So we think it’s worth paying a little extra for an all MIPs helmet because you’ll get that extra layer of safety and peace of mind when riding your bike.

Road bike helmets with a more aerodynamic shape are typically heavier than their less streamlined counterparts. The Synthe MIPS is not an entirely true-aerodynamic helmet. Still, it does provide a nice balance in terms of some properties with its lower weight and reduced discomfort when racing against wind speeds or on long climbs where you’re trying to gain altitude before your opponents do.


The Synthe MIPS helmet is an excellent option for riders who want to get the most out of their bike without sacrificing style. The low-profile design means that you’ll have an understated look, and it’s also less intimidating than other full-face helmets on the market. Plus, with Roc Loc Air Fit System’s inner lining made specifically by Akrapovic to provide optimum fitment, this one will be sure not to disappoint either way around.

In our opinion, these classic colors go well together as they both match each other beautifully. While simultaneously being similarly different enough where no matter what color scheme/bike type setup we’re going for (race or casual), there are options here that can work seamlessly over the top.

The Giro helmet is an excellent choice for any outdoor enthusiast. It has unique features like rubberized sunglass holders in the front vents, which make it stand apart from other helmets on the market, but some people might find themselves wishing that they had received extra pads or even just a bag with their purchase as well.


The Synthe MIPS is a reasonably well-ventilated helmet, but it falls just short of other models with larger or more numerous vents. At high speeds, the airflow over your head feels noticeable, and when you slow down on an uphill road, there’s no feeling like being enveloped in cool mountain air anymore. However, the Roc Loc Air Fit system does provide some insulation from the heat at these lower speeds (~30MPH). It is not uncommon to reach up towards 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside during the summer months without protection for our faces due to sun rays beating down intensely straight ahead, which can have devastating effects if unprotected.

 The helmet is not shaped like other more fully aerodynamic models, but it does have some aero properties, and no matter how well-designed they are, these benefits always seem to come with tradeoffs. The faster you go on your bike or motorcycle, the worse this can become as ventilation decreases at lower speeds. It means that if safety should be one of our main priorities, then riders need to look elsewhere for better protection because nothing will keep them safer than the air going right through their head.

Ventilation of Giro Synthe MIPS Reviews

The Synthe MIPS feels well ventilated at higher speeds and on breezy descents.

Overall, the ventilation is undoubtedly adequate and better than most road bike helmets. Therefore, the Synthe MIPS is a great all-around choice for those looking to make some compromises to get features like an abundance of top-notch safety equipment at a very affordable price, thanks to its low-profile semi aerodynamic shape.


The Synthe is a durable, comfortable bike helmet that excels at protecting your noggin’ from nasty falls. It has an excellent safety rating, and we didn’t experience any durability issues during our test period. The chinstrap buckle tensioning dial works flawlessly as well-with one exception: exposed EPS foam around the base of its brim can get scratched or dented by contact with other objects in storage environments – but you’re probably going to be careful enough about this anyway.

The highest-rated helmets in our lineup are made with a polycarbonate shell, which means that it fully extends around the brim of your head to increase durability.

The Giro Synthe has a polycarbonate shell, which is heavier than metal. However, this extra durability makes it one of the most protective helmets in its class. Also, it keeps weight down for riders who want an excellent performing helmet without weighing themselves down with extra gear or looking goofy on their bike like some other cyclists wearing full-face masks might do.

Polycarbonate is an excellent material for making helmet shells, but it can also add weight. To keep their helmets light and durable simultaneously, Giro limited how much polythene was used on some models, such as the Synthe that scores highly in this category. We prefer full-wrap covers, which provide better protection against everyday bumps with lower durability costs – plus they’re not too bulky.

Safety Tech and Additional Features

The Giro Synthe MIPS may have a fairly standard design, but it still packs some impressive features. For example, a sunglass perch is an excellent addition for those who lose their shades while threading them through the helmet vents–and this particular type of protection was one reason why so many people chose that model in past years.


The Giro Synthe is a sleek, modern-looking helmet that you would be keen to ride in every day. The prolonged exposure test has shown its aerodynamic profile, and extensive wind tunnel testing ensures your safety on any road or trail.

Durability of Giro Synthe MIPS Review

Some of the EPS foam liner is exposed around the brim of the helmet, potentially exposing it to dings or dents


The Synthe MIPS is one of the higher-end models in our lineup, but it still represents excellent value because there are so many features. It’s also less expensive than competing products with similar design aspects. It provides enough aerodynamic benefit for most riders to prevent them from needing another full-on aero helmet as well.

Value of Giro Synthe MIPS Review

Fast, light, and stylish describe the Giro Synthe MIPS. Will it also describe you?

What We Like of Giro Synthe MIPS

  • Easy adjustable Roc Loc Air fit system
  • EPS foam offers great comfort and cooling ability
  • The tension system provides aiding protection
  • The helmet distributes even pressure to eliminate pressure points around the head
  • The straps are well-designed and lay flat against the face
  • Lighter weight helmet with great MIPS

What We Don’t Like of Giro Synthe MIPS

  • The adjustment dial is a little smaller than others and it is more difficult to adjust quickly
  • The rear straps it difficult to have the buckle centered under your chin
  • Very heavier design
  • EPS foam is more prone to wear and tear

Compare to Similar Products

Name Giro Synthe MIPSBontrager Velocis MIPSBell Z20 MIPSPOC Ventral Air SpinGiro Agilis MIPS
Weight (grams)312 g (size L)300 g (size L)336 g (size L)295g (Size L)336 g (size L)
Size Range (cm)59-63 cm (size L)58-63 cm (size L)58-62 cm (size L)56-61 cm(size L)59-63 cm (size L)
Number of Vents1912181532
SizesS, M, LS, M, LS, M, LS, M, LS, M, L
Pros Low profile design, well ventilation, comfortable Easy to adjust, great ventilation, lightweight Sleek design, well ventilated, easy adjustable  Comfortable fit, unique style, great ventilates  Afforableable, comfortable fit, durable build  
Pricey Little expensive price Little heavy Expensive priceLittle heavier
PriceCheck price Check price Check price Check price Check price 

Final Thoughts

The Synthe MIPS is the perfect helmet for any adventure; whether you’re out there exploring new terrain or just trying to catch a quick nap during your lunch break, this lightweight package has got what it takes. With top-tier comfort and ventilation paired with an aerodynamic profile that won’t make racer sore, no matter how long ours gets. Thanks mainly due to its impressive performance stats (and low price tag).

Giro Synthe MIPS Price Comparison

Seller  Price 
Amazon Check Price
REI Co-op $93.93


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