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Is hard or soft luggage better? If you want to know the answer to these questions, you are in the right place. Our researchers conducted surveys and interviews with frequent international travelers, pilots, and passengers. After completing 100 surveys and interviews, we wrote a detailed comparison of hardside vs softside luggage.

You can’t go on a trip without thinking about what kind of luggage to bring. There are two choices: hardside or softside luggage, and each has its pros and cons. Airplane seats prefer one over another depending upon the weight distribution within your particular aircraft–a lot heavier than usual for larger passengers who want more legroom during takeoff/landing?

Have you ever been curious about what airlines prefer or which baggage handlers and frequent travelers recommend for those who travel often? This article will explain the topic with information that’s informative and entertaining. It discusses durability concerns related to hardside vs. soft side luggage.

Do Airlines Prefer Hard or Soft Luggage?

In an interview with HuffPost, an unknown traveler shared his luggage experience. He said that he had been thrown around by passengers and baggage handlers alike, but his advice is to buy quality bags. The person who interviewed him also shared their experience. He explained how every time someone drops something off or picks up an item of luggage, everyone starts running because there’s no control over what will happen next.

Softside luggage is good but Fragile items that aren’t professionally packed won’t stand a chance and will most likely break, as the “fragile” stickers on these bags don’ get noticed often in the rush of loading or unloading them.

Hardside suitcases are more durable but heavier and more challenging to move around. The best way is to have four-wheeled bags that can just be rolled on or off the plane with no hassle!

David Cameron, the airport inspector, revealed on Quora that he and his team only travel with hard-side luggage, especially since they are exposed to what goes behind the scenes in airports.

Airport security is a significant concern for many people. They have to be careful with their luggage, but other incidents happen around it too! These can include theft or vandalism- which means that you might not even know what’s happening until after the fact when all your items are gone from one moment into another.

Others prefer soft side luggage to hard-sided because they are more comfortable and won’t damage easily.

James Abbey, who has taken a hundred flights over one year for business trips, says 

“Soft-sided bags are the way to go for me. They’re a bit more flexible, allowing me to stuff in extra items if necessary, and they tend to be lighter so that we can pack our gear before hitting any weight limits! Plus, something else has become crucial recently – compressibility- which also makes these great because you don’t need an obese person’s shoulders doing all of your packing work when traveling light.”

I’ve found myself happier lately with soft versus hard backed backpack or suitcase due to its flexibility and ease at storage.”

Matt Musselman, a frequent international traveler, explains:

“I always use the soft ones because they are more gentle on any breakables inside. It’s important to wrap them carefully so as not to Crush anything, but I don’t mind doing that!.”

Is Hardside Luggage More Durable Than Softside Luggage?

Hardside vs. soft side, which is more durable? When looking at the differences between these types of bags, one thing to consider is their materials.

You can pack fragile things in hard side luggage

Hard-sided luggage will usually have more hard surfaces that can take make it durable. They’re designed this way, so you don’t need baby powder or other perfume bottles to break when packing your bag.

Soft side luggage is lightweight

Soft Sides, in contrast, rely heavily upon cushioning for protection against sharp objects poking through, sometimes even having foam padding inside instead of fabric layers (which makes them lighter but also less withstand), so while both styles offer strengths depending.

Hardside luggage is often perceived as more durable and sturdy than soft or fabric-based alternatives. This misconception leads many people to believe that any hard-sided case will last longer when compared with one made from cheaper materials, but this isn’t always true! Some of the most expensive brands in terms of durability have been proven wrong by scientists who tested them against each other on various buses routes across America – some were able to withstand blows. 

Look out for the best deals when buying a new suitcase. Although branded ones might be more expensive, they will not necessarily last you longer than an average piece of luggage that costs less than three or four suitcases together. Indeed, these high-end brands can sometimes come at below cost, but don’t let their price tag fool you – there may end up being your faithful travel companion several years down the line too.

Always considered quality before buying a luggage

 If you’re looking for durable luggage, then quality should be considered. Softside or hard side can hold up well against wear and tear, but there are some differences in how they react when beaten upon by life’s obstacles, so make sure to note which one suits your needs best before buying!

The durability of a piece of luggage is often determined by how it was made. Polyurethane materials are not as durable, but they’re more lightweight and can be easily repaired if something happens on the go. At the same time, canvas fabrics will last longer because there’s no risk of breakage due to water absorption or exposure (like polyester). You should also check user reviews before making your purchase decision–especially when shopping from smaller brands that may not offer direct sales support otherwise!

What is the best way to avoid buying cheaply made pieces with poor quality control? Always open up any package before checking its construction: zippers pull freely without catching at critical points like handles/wheels etc., then test walking around.

Comparison Between Hard side vs Soft Side Luggage

Comparision between hard vs soft luggage

In the following, we compare the hard side and soft side luggage according to their price, durability, material, mobility, and personalization.


With all the different types of luggage available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Softsided or hard-shelled? Which one will serve you better for your needs?) A lot goes into making this decision – price range being one factor ( cheaper softer stuff); what kind of trip do we plan on taking? Is there an expected amount of time spent outside each day) But how much does my carry-on weigh?! Luckily thanks mainly due to innovations in travel technology these days with lightened up designs.

Invest in hard side luggage. Your bags will take the abuse you throw at them without breaking or losing pieces of their own accord, so they can be easily packed up when needed!

If you’re looking for a great deal on luggage, check out the sales. Most companies release new models every year, and when they do, it’s usually time to grab an older piece of equipment at a reduced cost!

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your next flight, consider buying luggage sets. It will be cheaper than buying two separate bags; the color or design of each piece in this set can match what’s inside so that everything matches.

Don’t let price be the only consideration when selecting your luggage. After all, you wouldn’t select your holiday lodging because of its low cost.


Have you ever felt the need to check your suitcase after it came down off a baggage carousel, only for everything in there to fly out onto the ground? Imagine having blocks or even miles left before arriving at their destination because one thing broke. Durability may seem easy until we are without these essentials, making life more difficult than necessary!

 You can’t take off with just any old suitcases – they have to be durable and reliable. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, check-in baggage will likely come into play at some point so being prepared is key!

The durability of your luggage should never compromise quality; there are many options available when choosing between hardshell versus soft surfaces (or even different types). Whether big checked bags are more suited for travel on long routes while smaller carry-ons better suits short distance journeys – we’ve got everything covered here, including airlines rules/ recommendations regarding weight limits per individual seat

If you’re looking for a durable piece of luggage that will last through anything, then Travelpro is your best option. We stand behind every product with our name on it and offer peace of mind when choosing among many styles to suit any need or budget.

Taking care ́of traveling efficiently doesn’t mean sacrificing quality! With bags available in various sizes plus features like wheelsets so they can be moved around easily during storage periods between trips – these reliable pieces have been tested time after

The durability of hardside luggage

Hardsided suitcases can be more durable than the soft side luggage due to the materials used for construction. The “toughness” of a hard-sided bag depends mainly on what type it is made out of, with some examples being plastic-based or metal folders; however, this isn’t always true as there are many types that combine both fabrics and plastics into one design.

Hardside luggage has been a traditional favorite among tourists and frequent travelers, but it’s not without its drawbacks. For example, hard-sided suitcases are difficult to repair if they’re damaged on impact; there isn’t enough space inside of them for all your belongings due to most brands only having small exterior compartments, which means you need multiple bags instead- these types also tend to have a heavier weight per unit size due sometimes containing glass or delicate items such as bedding!

Our innovative new design solves both problems by using rigid polycarbonate material – lightweight yet highly durable–to construct our shell, so no matter what kind of situation arises during transport (from dropping edge down), this sturdy frame will keep protected.

 Hardsided suitcases are made of materials that can resist liquid spills. Though both types have outer shells, hardshell suitcase owners should be aware their product may attract dirt and liquids. At the same time, soft sides remain washable if anything is spilled on them–though cleaning products will need to follow specific directions since they’re not waterproof.

Soft side luggage treated with a special coating can be washed without fear of getting ruined. Most liquids roll off the fabric instead of soaking it to damage it and compromising its anti-moisture properties.

The fabric has been treated so that most spills will simply mileage away from your belongings rather than absorb through surface pores.

 If you want your bag to last, find one with reinforced stitching and durable zippers. Please make sure the handles are sturdy so that they don’t snap when extended from either side of this fashionable box!


How do you prefer to transport your luggage when it’s time to relocate? Do you want to pull the bag behind you or next to you?

 Almost all Hardsided luggage comes with four 360-degree rotating wheels. Spinner luggage, which has four wheels and is carried upright like a backpack, performs best rolled next to you and is ideal for twists, turns, and obstacle courses. However, finding the right hardshell bag may be difficult if you’re a two-wheeler.

Softside luggage is an excellent choice for travelers who want to take their suitcases with them when they vacation. There are many soft sides available, including four-wheeled and 2-wheeled models that handle rough terrain or high speeds better than others!


Hard luggage is available in various colors, but soft-sided suitcases can also be customized with stickers to make them stand out. Whether you’re looking for hardshell cases or something more lightweight, like an attaché case made from durable fabric that will withstand wear and tear while staying comfortable during long flights – we have what your heart desires!

The best part about investing extra money into high-quality items like these? They last longer than cheaper models, so there’s no need to worry about whether this will eventually become old-fashioned before too long; buy one once instead when the cost becomes a considerable number.

What do you Pack…and How?

Hard or soft luggage? It’s all about what is going inside the bag! The things you’ll be packing will determine which kind would best suit your needs and lifestyle.

Those who like to pack as much stuff into their bags benefit from a soft suitcase. The construction of these types provides more give than hard-sided ones, which means you can fit even more in! If expandable isn’t an option for whatever reason (it’s too expensive), then opt instead for reduced size models, so they don’t break your back when dragging them around airports or train stations—and get one that has wheels on either side if possible because it makes moving easier no matter where

When you need to pack for your next trip, use the Travelpro® luggage with zippered expansion options! You can increase its capacity by up to 4 inches when necessary. This is one of those features that’s convenient and useful in everyday life, so I’m glad it’s there on this product – it makes packing lighter than ever before, too, because now everything fits perfectly within limits without being overfilled or spilling out everywhere (just what we all want).

 Softsided luggage is the perfect choice if you plan on traveling with already-overstuffed diaper bags or laptops. The exterior pockets allow for last-minute items, while the front pocket design allows quick access during transit time!

 This is perfect for the person who carries their laptop with them everywhere! The hard side exterior front pocket protects electronics from cards and other debris while traveling.

Hardshell suitcases can protect fragile contents better than soft-sided ones because they have a rigid exterior that keeps them from being compressed. The downside is that these hard shells can’t be stored in tight spaces like their softer counterparts, so if you need something small enough for your carry-on, consider taking out some money from those valuable travels funds!

Hardshell bags are typically made of durable material that protects your belongings. They have two compartments when open but take up more space than soft ones due to their hard exterior coating on the outside of the bag, which makes them perfect for storing things you don’t want getting damaged easily, like instruments or laptops!

 Which Luggage Type Is Better for Checked Luggage – Hardside vs Softside Luggage?

The sort of luggage you take is determined by what you’re bringing, where you’re going, and how you’ll be traveling. Compared to material and usefulness, both hard and soft side suitcases have their pros and drawbacks.

Softside luggage is lighter, convenient, and offers more storage pockets than the hard side. Softside luggage is also more popular than hard-side luggage since they are less expensive and come in various shapes, sizes, materials, designs, and other features.

Hardside luggage, on the other hand, has had several improvements and upgrades. Softside luggage, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly popular for checked baggage since it is more durable and protects your stuff better than soft side luggage. Hardside luggage is also less vulnerable to breaking into, making it more secure.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hardside Vs Softside Luggage

Both soft side and hard side luggage have some benefits and drawbacks. In the following, you will read the pros and cons of Hrdside vs soft side luggage.

Hardside Luggage Pros and Cons


  • It’s essential to pack breakable objects in hard-side luggage because they offer extra protection for your stuff.
  • Hardside luggage has better security because it doesn’t rip easily and is frequently equipped with integrated locks.
  • Hardside luggage is simple to stack up against the competition. This comes in particularly handy if you’re going on a cruise.
  • They’re often water-resistant or water-repellant, and they’re simple to maintain.
  • Zipperless locks and combination locks are standard on hard side luggage. Some models have TSA-approved combo locks, while others come with zipperless choices.


  • Unfortunately, hard side luggage scuffs and scratches easily.
  • When you clean the glass, it’ll appear more transparent for a time. However, cracks may start to form after a while with several uses.
  • They are less flexible than soft side luggage. Therefore you can’t cram in any extra stuff if you don’t have any room left over.
  • Because hard side luggage has a fixed framework, it’s more challenging to squeeze into tight places.
  • Hardside luggage is frequently heavier because of the frame and materials used in its construction.

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Softside Luggage Pros and Cons


  • Softside luggage is lighter than a hard side suitcase, making it easy to transport. They are also simpler to store if you live in a tiny house.
  • If you have any items that need to fit into your luggage and haven’t yet reached your maximum weight allowance, you may use softside luggage.
  • They’re less pliable, making them ideal for squeezing into tighter spaces.
  • They are incredibly mild and barely leave any traces. Therefore you may use them for much longer.
  • If you like packing cubes (like me), these would be a great way to use them with softside luggage.


  • Fabric or softside luggage is readily ripped, which means you will have to replace your luggage frequently, especially if you travel a lot.
  • You should never leave wet Softside luggage in the sun, as heat does not only fade the color of your bag but can also cause other damage to it. When you pack for a trip, make sure that any liquid or mud is thoroughly rinsed off so that the material does not get too moist and mildew. If water gets trapped
  • Water quickly penetrates soft side luggage fabric.
  • Softside luggage isn’t the best option for fragile goods or complex objects.
  • Lockless soft side luggage is uncommon, leaving you to purchase one independently. (You must ensure that the lock you choose is TSA-friendly.)

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Final Thought About Hardside Vs Softside Luggage

We hope in the above you will read the complete comparison about hardside vs softside luggage. There are three things to keep in mind before leaving on a trip. First, luggage handling behind the scenes may be complex, so the more durable your luggage is, the better. Second, rather than focusing on brands or designs, pay attention to the quality of the hard side or soft side luggage you’re interested in purchasing. Third, the luggage you choose to bring is determined by the things you’ll take with you, determined by where you’re going.

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