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Is an anti theft bag worth it? Although generally more expensive, anti-theft bags can often be worth the extra cost, as they are always better to be safe rather than sorry. It’s always a good idea to carry a different means of safeguarding your things if you’re visiting a new place or in an unfamiliar country.

We will go into more detail about what makes a bag anti-theft in this extensive guide. Then, we’ll go over prices, and we’re going to give you some examples and shopping links so that you can consider them. Finally, after you finish reading, you’re going to know whether these bags are a good choice for your travel needs.

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What is an Anti Theft Bag?

An anti-theft bag could be a purse, crossbody, laptop, or business bag. At first glance, the bag may not seem all that different from others, but anti-theft bags usually come equipped with one or more features designed to keep would-be thieves away.

Features of the Anti Theft Bag

Following is an overview of the features of the anti-theft bag.

Locking Zippers and Clips

The zippers and clipless straps throughout the exterior of an anti-theft bag are very durable. A clip will be added to a zipper’s pull tag opening. It might be a little harder for you if you’re trying to access your bag when you close it, but it would also be a lot more difficult for unsavory to get into your bag. That might be enough to prevent them from getting into your backpack, which could help you avoid theft.

RFID Blockers 

RFID blocking is yet another feature you want in an anti-theft bag, especially if you’re going to be walking around with expensive electronics.

Why is it so important? All of your debit cards, credit cards, and other related cards have chips operating at a specific frequency. If criminals could use radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology to find out that frequency, then they would be able to steal your credit or debit card numbers and begin using them for fraudulent purposes. This is called RFID skimming. It’s when someone steals.

If your anti-theft bag has RFID blockers, your credit cards won’t be stolen. Criminals can’t steal your private information without the correct radio frequencies. All of your bags may be constructed from materials with RFID blockers, or only some of the bags may block RFID signals. You’ll be glad either way.

Secret Compartments

Most anti-theft bags don’t look too flashy from the outside, but their interiors are pretty impressive. For example, when you open the zip, you’ll see a lot of secret pockets. They’re made to hide everything from your smartphone to the contents of your wallet.

To even find a hidden compartment, you need to know where to look for it. That’s why anti-theft bag manufacturers will cover the compartments of their bags with fabric layers so that they look like there aren’t any compartments at all.

The secret compartments are zipped to add an extra layer to your favorite belongings. There are usually specific compartments for different items, from medications to cards. So you can keep everything organized.

Uncuttable Shoulder Straps

If someone tries to steal your bag, they might grab it or cut at its straps. Unfortunately, most packs have a strap that cuts right off, making it easy for criminals to get inside your bag.

That’s not true for an anti-theft backpack. These bags will have a cable hidden within their shoulder straps made of steel. It’s not easy to cut through the cable when you move. So even if the thief were armed with a knife and tried slashing at the cable, their blade would probably not cut through the line within the belt.

They’ve been wasting their time for so long that other people have probably noticed something suspicious is going on. These passersby may be calling the police, so the thief won’t want to stay around for long. Once they realize they cannot cut your bag’s shoulder straps, they’ll hightail it onto someone else.

Anti-Slash Body

Besides the straps, robbers may try cutting into the bag itself, thinking that everything inside will fall out if they succeed. Anti-theft bag manufacturers know that you might lose your bag, so they’ve thought about this possibility and ensured that you wouldn’t lose your bag.

Many anti-theft bags are made from materials resistant to slashes with knives or other blades. The material used for the bag is reinforced with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). To further increase your safety when carrying your load by using a backpack, the fibers get woven so tightly that they reach a level five cut rating.

Are You in Hurry? Here are Our Top Pick of Anti Theft Bags

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Mancro Anti Theft Backpack

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Oscaurt Anti Theft Travel Backpack

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Nomatic Anti Theft Backpack

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 Discussion: Is Anti Theft Bag Worth It?

Is an anti theft bag worth it

You’re undoubtedly interested in the myriad of features found in anti-theft backpacks, purses, and business bags, but you’re still left with two questions: “What’s the best bag for me?” Are these theft-proof features compelling, or do they increase the bag’s price?

Yes, the features that make anti-theft bags practical work. But do you think that means they can stop theft? Sometimes. Many of these features are designed to protect against slashing and slow down a criminal who might want to steal your bag. Because pickpocketing has to happen in a matter of seconds, criminals who take too long to steal something might decide it isn’t worth it.

However, anti-theft bags are becoming more popular for travel and everyday use. It seems that it will only be a short time until some smarter thieves figure out ways to get past even the layers of protection offered by an anti-thief bag.

There’s another problem: the RFID blocking might only work for some parts of the bag. You’ll need to dig into the bag you choose to see if it has any features you want. For example, some anti-theft bags have RFID blocking capabilities only in certain pockets. If you don’t put your credit or debit cards into those pockets, then you might still get them stolen. It would help if you always carried an RFID blocking bag with you.

It doesn’t mean that an anti-theft backpack isn’t worth carrying.

Plus, there’s a vast misconception going around on anti-theft wallets: they don’t work!

If you invest in one, people think you’re walking around showing off a lot of money. But, instead, you’re telling criminals that you’re an easy target.

However, that’s not entirely true. Today’s security bags look just like any other purse, backpack, or business bag on today’s market. You won’t be wearing a target on your back, inviting others to try and rob you. You won’t stand out from the crowd.

Some people believe that having a money clip makes sense for them. While it certainly costs much less than an anti-theft wallet, a money clip isn’t as secure as an anti-theft bag. If you prefer a money clip or a cheaper alternative, then that’ll be your choice.

We don’t want to say anything wrong about anti-theft bags, but they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for common sense. You still want to remain alert and aware of your environment when venturing into a new place. Don’t leave your bag unattended at any point; don’t leave anything alone. It will most likely be stolen.

Final Thoughts

A theft-proof bag has a bunch of security features built into it. These are difficult to open locks, slash-resistant exterior materials and straps, hidden compartments, and RF-ID blocking.

Many bags are available in all sorts of styles, from backpacks to briefcases, handbags, and everything in between, with anti-theft functions. These bags aren’t necessarily more expensive than your average backpack, but they’re not cheap either.

Having an anti-theft backpack is a great idea if you’re traveling abroad. It will help keep your belongings safe. You can avoid having your bag stolen by wearing a backpack instead. Even though you should always be careful when traveling, you should still keep an eye out for thieves. If you don’t stay alert, you might still be a target for theft. Good luck!