In this American Tourister luggage review, we’ll look at their quality, reviews, features, warranty, and other factors to determine if they’re a good value.Is  American Tourister luggage the best choice for durable suitcases? American Tourister is a perfect suitcase for anyone who wants something durable and affordable. It has tons of different sizes to choose from, so an ideal height will be there no matter what you need.

In this American Tourister luggage review, we’ll look at their quality, reviews, features, warranty, and other factors to determine if they’re a good value.

American Tourister received 72 out of 100 points in the team’s assessment, putting it in tenth place on our leaderboard. Although it may not appear much, they are the second-best choice in the budget range, just behind Coolife.

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What We Like About American Tourister Luggage

Affordable Price

American Tourister offers an affordable price point for luggage, with most carry-ons being priced at $50-$100. For a set of suitcases, you can expect the cost to be between 60 – 180 dollars! They provide excellent value in this range as well.

Good Warranty

A lot of people might not know that both American Tourister and Samsonite carry nearly identical warranties. They’re owned by the same company, after all.

Variety of Designs

American Tourister is a company that has many different types of luggage, each with its colors and patterns. From Star Wars to Disney characters or even classic business designs, you’ll most likely be able to find something for yourself here.

Good Reviews of Customers

American Tourister has achieved a significant following on Amazon with its luggage, receiving 4.5 stars or more for over 9000 reviews.

What We Don’t Like About American Tourister Luggage

Some Features are Missing

You get what you pay for, and that’s the case with this bag. Unfortunately, there are no intelligent features like TSA locks or expansion zippers at a low price, which means your items can’t be locked away when not in use. It also doesn’t come with any extras such as USB chargers – something significant nowadays.

Not for Frequent Travelers

American Tourister bags are durable, but if you’re traveling one or two times per year, then their life expectancy will be more than enough. However, when they start being used for more extended periods, the quality quickly degrades, and these same rules apply when using them daily.

Durability Issues

Customers of this brand had reported that the quality of their suitcases isn’t as excellent now, compared to when it used to be. In addition, customers say they’re having an issue with handle and wheel durability- both seem on the brink these days.

Our Verdict

American Tourister offers a wide array of options in the affordable price range that are durable enough for most people. In addition, their suitcases come backed up with solid warrantees and are well-reviewed by customers, not to mention you’ll have all these features plus more when choosing from their many designs available! One other brand that can compete is Coolife–but they only offer one or two things compared to AT’s nine offerings which mean at least some aspects might be missing on your travels abroad if bought there instead.

American Tourister has everything one could want out of an upcoming adventure—from ruggedized duffel bags that won’t break down mid-trip. Thanks to its rugged construction, stylish backpacks are sure not to get lost among other passengers.

American Tourister is an excellent choice for people who plan to travel infrequently or with kids, but we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for something durable. Instead, you’ll want something with higher quality material that will stand up against wear and tear better. Samsonite has what you need! It’s worth noting, though; both Traveler’s Choice and their medium bag are also winners in the industry, which makes them worthy investments of any budget size.

American Tourister suitcases lack durability, so they make poor choices when traveling frequently. It’s always nice to have a durable bag that you can depend on. However, suppose your travel style is more laid back. In that case, this product may not suit you as well because the life span of their bags is usually shorter than other brands that offer similar features and benefits. At lower prices like It Luggage or Merax; however, if durability isn’t an issue for most people in need, we would say go ahead with getting one – they’re excellent quality.

Top-Rated American Tourister Luggage