The Bell Stratus MIPS is a pretty solid choice for those who don’t want to compromise on performance. It scores well across the board and will not leave you disappointed in your decision. In this Bell Stratus MIPS Review, we will discuss the comfort, protection, durability, ventilation, weight, value and safety feature of this mountain bike helmet.

Our Verdict

The Bell Stratus is an excellent choice for those who want to spend less money on their helmet but still get all safety features. It offers a similar performance as more premium models with an adjustable sweatband and sleek design that won’t chafe or irritate your face during cycling in hot weather conditions. It’s ventilated and light enough to be fine during winter, even with a cycling cap or something heavier on top. But its natural environment shines when the weather warms up. This one will keep you safe while enjoying long rides in the summertime too.

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Technical Details of Bell Stratus MIPS


Weight (grams)296 g (size M)
Size Range (cm)52-62 cm (size M)
Number of Vents 18
SizesS, M, L

Pros and Cons of Bell Stratus MIPS

Pros  Cons 
Great ventilation  Poor quality buckles 
Comfortable  Straps are loose 
Lightweight easy fit 
MIPS system 

Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of Bell Stratus MIPS

The Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet is a lightweight, ventilated, and adjustable option that works well to protect your head. It’s not lacking any safety features, so you can be sure it’ll always provide excellent support for whatever adventure life brings despite its low durability rating. However, we recommend this helmet only if you need some stylish time between spills or crashes or want the most comfort possible without sacrificing protection against impacts. 

Detailed Review of Bell Stratus MIPS


The FloatFit System does a great job of covering the primary contact points. In addition, it uses thick Sweat Guide padding across your forehead, temples, and rear occipital region to help move sweat away from your eyes. However, it still allows for good movement in all areas, which is what makes this helmet so comfortable when you ride next to another person or even if there’s no one else around at all. The added comfort also comes thanks to its secure fit with Float technology that cradles our heads without feeling too tight like some other brands can do. It feels painful after an hour on pants wetting themselves due again, mainly because their helmets aren’t made healthy enough.

Comfort of Bell Stratus Mips Review

The Bell Stratus is one of the more comfortable helmets out there.


The Stratus is a helmet that has been designed with your head in mind. With an integrated Float Fit retention system, the fit of this bike-friendly lid will be improved and stay secure on you while riding through bumpy terrain because it uses oversized two-way dials for quick adjustments. If there are issues after tightening up each time, don’t worry. There are always TriGlide Y Straps which means they’re made out stiffer than regular ones, so even if something does happen, these won’t hurt too much.

Adjustability of Bell Stratus Mips Review


The Bell Super 2 helmet sacrifices durability to achieve its excellent ventilation. The front vents open and remove supporting bridges, potentially reducing shock resistance and making it vulnerable to cracks caused by lesser blows or normal wear over time. There are more robust options available for those willing to pay a bit more for better protection.


The Bell has a thin, wispy design with an appealing appeal. Its profile is especially striking, while the front and rear are pretty average compared to the other ten color options on offer from this company’s product lineup. It has several primary colors and mix-matches for those who want something more creative or adventurous.


With 18 vents compared to other models with upwards of 30, this appears like it might be one of the less ventilated helmets. However, its large and well-designed front vents can draw air into them as well as circulate about the rear part of your head. While many vented helmets do an okay job on their own at providing extreme levels of ventilation, riders looking for more than just basic breathability will need another option.


Weight of Bell Stratus Mips Review

296g might sound weighty compared to some of the high-end lids, but it’s still only about 10 ounces of water, so about half of a standard water bottle.

The Stratus is a lightweight, affordable road bike helmet met with rave reviews from consumers. It weighs just 296 grams, making it perfect for people who don’t want to wear something bulky on their heads while riding. The polycarbonate material makes up most parts of this particular model, so you know it will withstand some bumps in the road without being damaged easily, too; plus, since there isn’t extra support material involved (like wool or cotton). These aren’t as heavy either, which means more speed when cycling down hills course. 


It’s hard to find a more comfortable, adjustable shoe that performs well. It offers everything you could want in performance and durability at its standard list price.

Value of Bell Stratus Mips Review

Affordability, broad padding coverage, and excellent ventilation make this a great choice for most mid-range riders.

Safety Tech and Additional Features

The Bell Stratus MIPS uses a standard, and it’s pretty good looking too. It has been designed to guard against rotational impacts by molding polycarbonate outer shell bonds. Gone are the progressive layering and dual laminate construction from previous models. Instead, this one only features single layer PC material, which offers better strength properties but doesn’t provide as much protection because there isn’t any barrier between your head & hard surface when you crash. 


The Stratus is a sleek and low-profile helmet that should provide comfort and ventilation. Based on the Bell Z20 MIPS, it’s aimed more at those who want to be comfortable without sacrificing their head shape or aerodynamics– though not nearly as much airflow can get through this design because of its shape.

What We Like of Bell Stratus MIPS

  • Contains high-quality features for riding on a road
  • The Float Fit system works well and is easy to adjust to your head
  • Great cool and regulates your internal temperature during riding in warm
  • Lightweight easy comfortable fit for all the day
  • MIPS offers great protection against rotational head impacts

What We Don’t Like of Bell Stratus MIPS

  • It Does not contain more safety features than others
  • Not efficient performance than others in the market
  • The buckles are lack durability and can break after little use

Compare to Similar Products

Name Bell Stratus MIPSSpecialized Airnet MIPSGiro Agilis MIPSGiro Cinder MIPSLazer Tonic MIPS
Weight (grams) 296 g (size M)364 g (size L)336 g (size L)345 g (size L)350 g (Size L)
Size Range (cm) 52-62 cm (size M)59-63 cm (size L)59-63 cm (size L)59-63 cm (size L)58-61 cm (size L)
Number of Vents 1822322628
SizesS, M, LS, M, LS, M, LS, M, LS, M, L
Pros  Great Mips, Cool ventilation, lightweight  Durable, comfortable, great ventilation Easy adjustable, affordable, comfortable  Unique style, comfortable, lightweight  Easy adjustment dial, cheap price, lightweight 
ConsCheap quality buckles,  Little heavy Little less ventilationLess durable may warm in hot weather  Is difficult to adjust, little bulky 
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Final Thoughts

Not only does the Stratus Road Bike Helmet provide excellent protection, but it’s also comfortable and well-padded. This helmet excels in comfort because of its sturdy construction designed to withstand minor impacts against obstacles on your bike ride while riding through rough aggregate or dusty roads without losing any feeling whatsoever. It offers outstanding ventilation with an Overbrow Ventilation™ system which can be adjusted easily by pressing down near eye level for increased airflow when needed most. So you don’t overheat during those hot days out there under the sun where sweat starts pouring down our face onto glasses lenses.

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 Bell Stratus Mips Price Comparison

Seller  Price 
Backcountry  $149.95
REI Co-op $
Amazon  Check Price