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This article will find all types of best budget hard case luggage and its kinds. At the end of the article, we believe you will be able to decide which you need to buy a perfect travel bag that will fulfil all your travel needs.

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Comparison Chart of Best Hardside Luggage 

NameBest For Material Size WeightWheelsPrice
Hauptstadtkoffer Ostkreuz Suitcase SetSutcase With WheelsABS and Polycarbonate20 inches7.04 pounds
4 Multi-directionalCheck price
Travelpro Maxlite 5  Hardside SpinnerOverall ABS and Polycarbonate21 inches6.7 pounds 4 Spinner Check price
Unitravel Lightweight Luggage Hardside Travel SuitcaseLightweightPC + Aluminum28 inches10.1 pounds
4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
American Tourister Moonlight SpinnerExpandableStrong ABS plastic21 inches7.83 pounds
4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
Ben Sherman Nottingham Lightweight Upright LuggageDurableHardside ABS20 inches6.65 pounds
4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
Lucas Luggage ABS Mid Size Hard Case 24 Inches Rolling SuitcaseHardsidePC+ABS 24 inches9 pounds
8-Rolling Spinner Check price
Olympia Apache li 21-inch Hardside carry on Spinner LuggageCarry OnRugged ABS21 inches6.6 pounds 4 SpinnerCheck price
Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner SetAffordableABS28 inches16 pounds
Multi-directional double spinner Check price
Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage 2 Piece Set VersatileABS hard shell21-30 inches12.21 pounds
4 Double spinnerCheck price
Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set SuitcaseStylishABS20, 24, 28 inches26 pounds4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
Merax MT Imagine 3 Piece Luggage Set, Hardside Spinner Luggage Sets 20 24 28 InchesHardside with TSA LockABS20, 24, 28 inches25.4 pounds
4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard 21 Inch Carry onHardside Carry on Luggage With Spinner WheelsVirgin Polycarbonate21 inches9.3 pounds
4 SpinnerCheck price
Delsey Luggage Helium AeroHardside Sophisticated SuitcasePolycarbonate21 inches8.25 pounds
4 SpinnerCheck price
Samsonite Centric Hardside 28’’ LuggageHardside With Spinner WheelsPolycarbonate28 inches10.5 pounds
4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
Samsonite Ziplite 3.0, 28 Inches SuitcaseHardside ExpandablePolycarbonate28 inches10.58 pounds
4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 24’’ LuggageAffordablePolycarbonate24 inches9.48 pounds
4 Multi-directional spinner Check price
Samsonite Innova Hardside Luggage with Spinner WheelsHard Shell International Carry on LuggageMakrolon Polycarbonate20 inches6.6 pounds
4 Double spinnerCheck price

List of 17 Best Hard Side Luggage on a Budget

  1. Best Hardside Suitcase with Wheels: Hauptstadtkoffer Ostkreuz Suitcase Set
  2. Best Overall Hardside Luggage: Travelpro Maxlite 5  Hardside Spinner 
  3. Best Lightweight Hard Case Luggage: Unitravel Lightweight Luggage Hardside Travel Suitcase
  4. Best Expandable Hardside Luggage With Spinner Wheels: American Tourister Moonlight Spinner
  5. Best Durable Hardside Luggage: Ben Sherman Nottingham Lightweight Upright Luggage
  6. Best Hard Shell Checked Luggage: Lucas Luggage ABS Mid Size Hard Case 24 Inches Rolling Suitcase
  7. Best Hardside Carry On Luggage: Olympia Apache li 21-inch Hardside carry on Spinner Luggage
  8. Best Value Hardside Luggage Set: Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set
  9. Best Versatile Hard Case Luggage Set: Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage 2 Piece Set (28 Inch Luggage)
  10. Best Stylish Hardside Luggage Set: Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase
  11. Best Hardside Luggage Set  With TSA Lock: Merax MT Imagine 3 Piece Luggage Set, Hardside Spinner Luggage Sets 20 24 28 Inches
  12. Best Hardside Carry On Luggage With Spinner Wheels: Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard 21 Inch Carry on (Best Hardside Carry on Luggage)
  13. Best Hardside Sophisticated Suitcase for Checked Luggage: Delsey Luggage Helium Aero (Best Checked Luggage)
  14. Best Hardside Luggage With Spinner Wheels: Samsonite Centric Hardside 28’’ Luggage
  15. Best Scratch Resistant Hardside Luggage: Samsonite Ziplite 3.0, 28 Inches Suitcase, (Best Hardside Spinner Luggage)
  16. Best Affordable Hardside Luggage: Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 24’’ Luggage
  17. Best Hard Shell International Carry On Luggage: Samsonite Innova Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Are You In Hurry? Here Is Our Top Pick Affordable Hardside Luggage 2022

Best Hardside Luggage Bags Reviews 2022

Following are the best hard shell luggage reviews by our experts. We hope it will be helpful for your buying decision. 

No 1. Best Hardside Suitcase With Wheels: Hauptstadtkoffer Ostkreuz Suitcase Set


Hauptstadtkoffer Ostkreuz Suitcase Set

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Dimension : Three different size: 1 cabin luggage 42 liter (21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 + 1.5 inches) + 1 suitcase 74 liter (25.6 x 16.1 x 10.2 + 1.5 inches) + 1 suitcase 119 liter (29.5 x 19.7 x 11.8 + 1.5 inches),each set includ 2 of 3 of these sizes

Hauptstadtkoffer Ostkreuz Suitcase Set is also our best hard case luggage bag 2020. in 2022, it will maintain its popularity. Make sure that this hardshell suitcase set can fit the trends of modern times. You can find it in a variety of colours. It is unique and original in every colour. We want to tell you about the main features of this suitcase set. If you desire to look like a trendy person, we would say that this suitcase set is just for you. We are sure that it will meet all of your expectations.

  • Hauptstadtkoffer is a German brand that offers a luggage set of three pieces.
  • This suitcase set is available in medium and large sizes with a carry-on.
  • In addition to locks and ergonomic hands, four-wheel spinners are also attached to this suitcase set.
  • It is a very expandable suitcase and can carry many things.
  • It is made of ABS and PC material.

You will love the design of the HAKKOFF Ostkreuz Luggage Set. It has an eye-catching mat-style design and is packed full of useful features that you want in a suitcase set today . Three-wheeled suitcase sets are great for those planning on travelling by car and want to take as much as they can on a trip while still keeping their luggage compact.

You will receive one 20-inch luggage that carries on board with you. A medium-sized suitcase that’s suitable for weekend trips away from home. If you have a more extended trip planned and need more room for packing, consider investing in a giant suitcase or packing cube. The design and quality of Ostkreuz luggage are awe-inspiring. They’ve designed their Ostkreuz luggage with German precision.

This is a solid, durable, and attractive suitcase. It was designed to make travel easier for everyone. With so many sizes in one handy carry-on size bag, you’ll be all ready and set to tackle any trip that comes your way.

This is an easy-to-use case that is both stylish and durable. It makes it easy to use your phone in these circumstances without worrying about losing it. With the more significant cases being expandable, the suitcases are spacious and accommodating, giving you the ability to pack more items for your trip. You immediately know these are suitcases for travellers who value durability and style by looking at them.

These three luggage sets have no exterior pockets, but you’ll get the interior pockets like Samsonite Luggage Set. However, they’re incredibly spacious inside, offering a large main compartment in which you can store your clothing.

The luggage set comprises two compartments, which means that you can keep your clothes organized and quickly unpack them. This bag features a mesh zip-lined pocket. This is a handy way to store any loose items in it or other valuables. Whether you’re planning on visiting your grandma for Christmas or going on a business trip to London, check out these versatile and spacious bags.

These three luggage sets have no exterior pockets, but you’ll get the interior pockets of the Samsonite Luggage Set. However, they’re incredibly spacious inside, offering a large main compartment in which you can store your clothing.

The luggage set comprises two compartments, which means that you can keep your clothes organized and quickly unpack them. This bag features a mesh zip-lined pocket. This is a handy way to store any loose items in it or other valuables.

The Hauptstädter Suitcase Set is packed with features that the modern-day traveller has come accustomed to. It’s not only incredibly convenient for carrying all your gear but also offers the best value on the market today. Each of these 360-degree spinners wheeled suitcases can be wheeled through airport terminals. They will help you navigate the packed terminal without getting stuck in the crowd.

A pair of wheeled luggage is essential for anyone who wants to travel comfortably and without stress. Each pair comes with a telescopic handle, a carry handle, and a set of wheels to quickly and confidently pick up and store your luggage. It is best hardside luggage on amazon because we find 4.8 out of 5 ratings there. 

Don’t sweat it if you’re concerned that the giant suitcase will not expand! It can expand a further 2 inches, so you can pack those fun and funky souvenirs you wish to take back home. This is excellent luggage set for those who need their travel to be as safe as possible and would want to be sure that no one would be able to open and unlock any of the suitcases. Having TSA-approved locks means that your luggage will remain secure while travelling, and only the US airport security would be able to open and unlock them.

What we like

  • Great for business travellers
  • Light-weight and sturdy
  • Easy to roll
  • Reasonable price and excellent quality
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Medium and large suitcase

What we don’t like

  • Use zipper carefully
  • Might be screechy

No 2. Best Overall Hardside Luggage: Travelpro Maxlite 5  Hardside Spinner 

Travelpro Maxlite 4 29’’ Hardside spinner

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Dimension: 21 inches, 25 inches and 29 inch

Weight: 6.7lbs

Material: ABS and Polycarbonate

Travelpro makes great luggage, and if you need new luggage, it’s worth checking out. The founder of Travelpro took an idea from a simple airline pilot and developed a solution for everyday travellers looking to move their luggage from city to city. The Travelpro system is easy to use, stylish and features a long-lasting warranty.

Travelpro Maxlite 5 suitcase is designed with a firm grip. The grip was designed with rubberized touch points that make it easier to handle and more comfortable to carry.

This luggage is suitable for everyday use. It’s comfortable to carry, and the grip is good for me.

The suitcase handle locks in two positions, accommodating travellers who are either shorter or taller than the suitcase handle. Travelpro Maxlite 5 has 4-wheel spinners. However, outside options in the rollaboard style are available for the international, 22″, and 26″ sizes. There are two different models of rollaboard suitcases. They have either two or four rotatable wheels built inside the suitcase.

The suitcase allows you to pack more than just your clothes so that it can save you time. If you want to carry things while travelling, consider buying soft side luggage. It’s the perfect size for you to toss in your soft garments without the worry of damage.

This bag has a full-length internal pocket and a side pocket.

  • It is designed with eight-wheeler spinner luggage, which you can roll in any direction without any effort.
  • It can expand up to two inches easily.
  • The compartments can be spilt without any effort, and you can put more stuff in them.
  • There are options for using multiple accessory pockets and a zipper divider.
  • A high tensile zipper is attached to it, and you can pull it to lock your luggage.
  • It has a polyester fabric coating that resists stain and water.
  • Its pockets are more abundant and with zippers.
  • It has a fully lined interior.

What we Like

  • Sleek, sturdy and light-weight
  • Excellent rolling rolls very smooth even over uneven or graded flooring.
  • Good capacity
  • Fits all airlines carry on dimensions.
  • Bold colours and modern design
  • Interior lining
  • Good quality zippers

What we don’t like

  • According to travelpro luggage reviews the exterior might be stretchy
  • TSA lock might be confusing for some people


No 3. Best Lightweight Hardside Luggage: Unitravel Lightweight Luggage Hardside Travel Suitcase

Unitravel Lightweight Luggage Hardside Travel Suitcase

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Most travellers face problems when it comes to choosing among so many suitcases at a shop. It is quite a trouble that you have paid too much money on purchasing the right kind of bag but on using it. You know that it is not falling in line with your expectations. We are here to tell you about purchasing Unitravel Lightweight Luggage. You can feel that you have chosen a suitable hard case suitcase for your travelling.

Leather is the most common material used for luggage. While the term “vintage” applies to various materials, the most common ones are leather, canvas, and burlap.

In addition to looking stylish, this suitcase is also made of high-quality materials so that it’s rugged enough to handle rough travel conditions and durable enough to take to the airport or on vacation, where you won’t have to worry about any damage.

This is one of the best bags for the money. It’s built to last and has all the convenient backpack features.

To increase the suitcase’s durability, we added polyurethane wheels secured to the frame, and the telescopic handle is made from smooth, lightweight aluminium.

The inside of the suitcase has a polyester lining that’s waterproof and completely sustainable.

This suitcase will suit many travellers, regardless of their frequent flyer status. It can hold 40 to 44 litres of your stuff and has a sturdy design with a spacious base that features a tie-down and a toiletry kit, and plenty of space for checked luggage.

This suitcase is designed to store everything in the bottom of the suitcase when laid flat, rather than split into two parts, and includes an opening lock-in-place metal hinge to help you pack.

It includes six internal zippered compartments, three internal slip pockets, 360-degree spinner wheels, and a retro 3-dial TSA combination lock.

This suitcase features the following features that elevate it from a vintage trunk to an advanced vintage-modern combination.

  • We want to tell you that if some suitcase has less weight, it does not mean that it has small rooms for your valuables to be kept inside it.
  • This suitcase is made to allow you more space to store your belongings in it so quickly.
  • Its handlebars can slide and move down at any time in line with your desire.
  • This is aluminium luggage. It has a polycarbonate shell and is made of an aluminium frame. Its linings are made of polyester.


What we Like

  • Excellent quality material and light-weight
  • Suitable for an international trip
  • Inside the suitcase, it has enough room for your things.
  • Nice color collection
  • Easy to move on all surfaces

What we don’t like

  • Some people don’t like four spinner wheels


No 4. Best Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels: American Tourister Moonlight Spinner

American Tourister Moonlight Spinner


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American Tourister is the largest brand in the world. American Tourister luggage sets are very famous all over the world. The products that this company makes are very splendid to put you in a very comfortable situation. If you are desirous of organizing your things neatly, we would tell you that American Tourister Moonlight Spinner is just for you.

No other spinner designs are so well-loved as this one from Tourister, which has been designed to fit your entire life with style.

This is the ideal carry-on suitcase for long trips. It is the only suitcase with 360-degree spinner wheels. Still, it is equipped with a durable, high-quality aircraft-grade aluminium locking telescopic handle on top of a uniquely durable material not seen with other suitcases.

Each part of this luggage set comes with its unique handle making it easy to lift the pieces. All three pieces have a TSA-approved lock and are equipped with two interior zippers for added security.

The Avalon Spinner Carry-On from Lucas Luggage is similar to the American Tourister Moonlight series but with the added benefit of expandability. It’s pretty spacious, and the fact that it offers more space than comparable designs means it can compete with them very effectively.

If you’re looking to buy a travel suitcase that’ll be the perfect size to hold all of your essentials, this American Tourister Luggage is an intelligent choice. In the moonlight suitcase collection, the expanded packing volume is only 2-inches taller than the original suitcase, but the added packing volume is the same.

It’s not expanded, but the carry-on suitcase can still provide up to 32 litres of packing space—the perfect size for short trips and suitable for long trips.

The large suitcase is built to carry over 80 litres, and its packing capacity will start at 65 litres.

Other valuable features include storage for your small items, a highly functional interior for added organization, and space-saving packing for any extras you might take with you when you travel.

This suitcase is incredibly versatile as it has all the features you need in an everyday bag without being too bulky or too heavy. It has a zippered mesh divider, tie-down straps, and a waterproof lining that is flush with the suitcase and does not take up any extra space than it should.

This design could be improved by adding more organizational features. For example, some designs have extra organizational pockets, such as Delsey Luggage and its Paris Collection, which offer a leading organization with a unique divided interior that includes pockets.

Suitcases are an essential part of a travel pack. They can be pretty heavy, so they should be strong. So make sure that they come with enough wheels to handle it all.

When travellers pack their luggage for trips, they have a lot of different things to consider, like which carry-on to use and how to get the most out of their luggage. Spinner wheels can make travelling more convenient when carrying heavy loads or don’t have much space.

Of course, one of the features that add to this ease of travel is the telescopic push-button handle – made of aircraft-grade aluminium – as well as the other side and top haul handles which provide a safer way to remove your luggage from a carousel, lift your suitcases into an overhead bin, or move your luggage into a waiting taxi.

The American Tourister moonlight collection features a waterproof interior lining, a divided interior, and durable zippers throughout the design.

  • The handles of suitcases allow you to move them in any way without any effort on your part.
  • The locks found in the suitcase also have the option open to you that you can extend them, or if you try not to extend them, you can do that too.
  • It has a push-button handle lock.
  • Its zipper compartment gives you access to more space to put your valuables inside the suitcases.
  • You can also avoid damage to your suitcases.
  • It is just due to four wheels which facilitate you to move the suitcase in any direction.
  • Its area is very expandable, while its handle is retractable in addition to cross straps on it.
  • Best hard side spinner luggage

What we Like

  • Light-weight but maximize your packing power and provides you ample storage
  • Expandable
  • The excellent size which meets all the requirements of hand-carry luggage
  • book opening case provides two compartments
  • multi-direction spinner wheels provide effortless mobility
  • push button handle
  • Ten years warranty against defect or craftsmanship

What we don’t like

  • The exterior might be scratchy


No 5. Best Durable Hardside Luggage: Ben Sherman Nottingham Lightweight Upright Luggage

Ben Sherman Nottingham Lightweight Upright Luggage

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Twenty-eight inches Ben Sherman Nottingham is a suitcase that has been made to put you in a comfortable situation during your travelling. Its four wheels move the bag like a breeze. Ben Sherman’s luggage is a perfect suitcase while its weight is not much. Its exterior is dent-resistant.

  • Ben Sherman Nottingham is a suitcase with a fully lined interior that always works against tearing the briefcase.
  • The two-sided packing inside the compartment is something that will put you at ease during your journey.
  • It has two handles, one at the top and the other one at the bottom.
  • It is a suitcase you can use to put many things inside it.
  • Ben Sherman’s luggage has been designed with lightweight materials.
  • In other words, with this suitcase, you can move around while carrying this suitcase without exerting much effort.
  • Whether you store it in your car or an overhead space during your flight or just carry it in control of your hands, it is a fact that you will find it very easy to bring this suitcase with you in all situations.
  • It is a polycarbonate blended suitcase with four wheels spinners.
  • It is fully lined.

What we Like

  • Light-weight and durable
  • Dent resistant
  • Blend of polycarbonate and ABC plastic
  • The top handle makes luggage easy to carry.
  • Large storage
  • Four wheels make it easy to move

What we don’t like

  • Plastic on the covering of wheels could be more strong


No 6. Best Hard Shell Checked Luggage: Lucas Luggage ABS Mid Size Hard Case 24 Inches Rolling Suitcase

Lucas Luggage ABS Mid Size Hard Case 24 Inches Rolling Suitcase

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It is the common concern of everybody to buy such luggage that can be used for packing without requiring much effort on the part of the keeper. We are sure that you will not need to replace your suitcase again and again if you prepare your mind to purchase the Lucas Luggage ABS suitcase. Lucas’s luggage reviews are very positive. According to the customers, Lucas’s luggage is full of hard shell luggage.

  • It is Lucas’s constant and determined effort to make you appear a bit trendy while keeping in view the purpose of keeping your valuables very safe.
  • Its spinner wheels can make its movements very easy for you without any effort.
  • The Hardshell exterior, straps, handles and locks found on this suitcase work effectively to make your travel very easy.
  • This suitcase is made with both ABS and polycarbonate.
  • It is a fact that fabric luggage is thought to be lighter than hard-side luggage, but the suitcase in question is very durable and solid, ensuring your convenience during your journey.
  • You should necessarily check the back part of the suitcase to make sure that you are purchasing the right kind of suitcase.
  • Moreover, this kind of suitcase is also expandable and has a fully lined interior.
  • It has a TSA key lock.
  • Its divider has mesh pockets while there are tie-down straps inside the suitcase, and its handle is telescopic.

What we Like

  • Light-weight and expandable
  • Stylish, unique and elegant design
  • This suitcase is made with both ABS and polycarbonate.
  • You can easily drag it on any surface. Eight spinner wheels allow smooth movement on any surface.
  • TSA lock
  • Five years manufacturer warranty

What we don’t like

  • Hard zippers


Best hardside carryon luggage

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It is the most versatile hard side luggage. Olympia Apache is manufactured from ABS material; it is sturdy and durable. This travel bag has an elegant design and is available in different colours. Olympia Apache suitcase has 360-degree spinner wheels that provide free movement in any space. It is easy to carry, and the telescopic handle makes its fast mobility. The interior is fully lined and divided into different compartments. It makes it easy for you to store your travel items in it. This hardshell luggage is expandable and provides you with additional space for packing.

This is one of the most versatile hardside suitcases to feature in this list because it has so many useful features and uses. This is an excellent carry on case, with an inside pocket for your laptop and a neck cushion to stay comfortable on long flights.

The bag is built for the mobile lifestyle with a small laptop compartment that you can open via a concealed compartment at the centre of the case. This case offers you easy access to your items, where you can grab them and move on without having to unzip the entire bag.

With this versatile carry-on suitcase, you can carry all your personal belongings while keeping them out of sight! Inside, two zipped pockets and an outside pocket to stash your valuables. This suitcase has four spinner wheels. The claim is that these wheels give it an easier time being dragged through airports or train stations. It’s not the lightest luggage option on this list, but it only weighs 3kg and is very roomy.

There have been some issues reported regarding the warranty. It could be that there are only certain cases where the warranty is applicable, and you should carefully check their warranty periods if you’re concerned.

We warned that you may not always be able to get warranty replacements on a case that doesn’t hold up to its claims. Make sure you research the website’s terms and conditions before making any purchases.

We think the Olympia Apache Carry-On Spinner suitcase would be suitable for your next suitcase. Thanks to its plethora of hidden pockets and compartments and its spinner wheels and sturdy ABS design, the Apache Carry On is one of the most versatile and best hardside luggage options for 2022.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • The telescopic aluminium handle allows smooth movement
  • Four spinner wheels make an effortless mobility
  • Elegant design along with a fully lined interior
  • Interior compartments provide a massive space for packing items
  • Expandable

What we Like

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Hard-shell is great and weather-resistant
  • Best carry-on for a United airline flight
  • Rolls nicely across any surface
  • It fits in Southwest airlines overhead bins without any issues

What we don’t like

  • The zippers are awkward and flimsy

No 8. Best Affordable Hardside Luggage Set: Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00FB4X3EK&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=abrarshah 20&language=en USir?t=abrarshah 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00FB4X3EK

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Rockland’s two-piece suitcase set is a suitcase which is just for you if you want to make your journey hassle-free. Rockland luggage is available to you in many sizes and colours. Since it is a two-piece set, the one-piece is 20 long inches while the other is 28 inches long. Rockland luggage provides you with a large variety of best luggage sets which make your journey very easy. In short, it is the best inexpensive hardside luggage set 2022. 

  • It is commonly said that this kind of suitcase may not be in line with the expectations of such people who have the routine of travelling around very much.
  • If you go out of your home from time to time and possess your car or choose aeroplanes for your journey, then this set of a suitcase is for you.
  • It is a very budget-friendly suitcase.
  • It is the full lining and imported in addition to having multidimensional wheels.
  • Best luggage sets
  • This set of suitcases is available to you in various colours and sizes.
  • We are sure that if you decide to buy this set of suitcases, you will never regret its purchase.
  • It is 100 per cent ABS, aside from being imported.
  • Like other suitcases, it is also expandable and can move in any direction in line with the keeper’s desire.
  • It has a warranty for five years, and its zippers are excellent.

What we Like

  • Expandable and durable
  • Light-weight and stylish
  • Good storage capacity
  • Multidimensional wheels make it smoothly moveable
  • Solid zippers
  • Fully lining
  • Five years warranty

What we don’t like

  • The wheels could stronger
  • Plastic smell creates disturbance for some people

No 9. Best Versatile Hard Case Luggage Set: Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage 2 Piece Set 

Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage 2 Piece Set

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Amazon cares for your belongings a lot. That is why these two-piece suitcase has been made while keeping your comfort in view. It is easy to be carried, and its weight does not feel on your shoulders. In other words, it is very lightweight, and the best hardside carry on luggage. This luggage is of such kind that you can move at any time without any effort, which means that its mobility will not create any problems for you. Amazon has made this suitcase set to put you at your convenience at all times, and you will surely appreciate the company once you purchase it. We assure you these are the best luggage sets.

  • The material used in Amazon suitcases is not as durable as the standard polycarbonate is expected to be, but this does not mean that you have bought a delicate kind of bag.
  • It is made with ABS that combines both hard-weight and lightweight bags.
  • It is expandable like another kind of suitcase, and it is here that you can bring just one bag instead of two pieces to make your travel very easy.
  • Best hardside spinner luggage
  • Through this suitcase, you have been given a divider inside the bag that is indeed fully lined.
  • There is a zippered compartment for your small items, while the wheels attached to it are very noise-free and can move smoothly.
  • It is a 28 inches suitcase set with an excellent hard side shell, and its construction is made of ABS.
  • We are sure that you will praise your decision if you decide to purchase it, given its qualities.

What we Like

  • Best affordable carry-on luggage
  • The large variety of vibrant colors
  • Interior compartment pockets provide ample storage
  • The wheels are very smooth. It can easily roll up on all surfaces.

What we don’t like

  • Some people faced handle durability issue
  • Not made from polycarbonate material

No 10. Best Stylish Hardside Luggage Set: Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

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It is a matter of the fact that there are many reasons due to which a traveller prepares his mind to buy a coolife luggage three-piece suitcase set. It can perform 360-degree movements with four caster wheels. It is loaded with a tremendous telescopic handle. There are pockets on the broad front side of the suitcase.

  • The extension of the handles of this suitcase is high enough, and you do not need to bend a low while using it in the course of your journey.
  • Though its preparation is done with soft shells but to put you to some surprise, it is a fact that they are durable and reliable beyond your imagination.
  • Handles on this type of suitcase are slightly different, being built into the case itself. And even if you are going to America, you can purchase this set of suitcases with complete certainty because this luggage follows the standard dimensions required in US air travel.
  • Best luggage sets for family
  • If you are worried about the weight of the bags you usually put to use for your belongings to be placed inside, we want to know that this suitcase has enough space to hold your valuables.
  • You must know that the smallest bags hold 38 L, while middle-sized bags can keep 60 L, and the large bags have the space to hold the 93L.
  • We also want to inform you that you have a variety of colours in which cookie luggage is offered to you. Their warranty is for two years.
  • You can store all three pieces in one another.
  • This suitcase set has all the other qualities discussed in the suitcases mentioned above.

What we Like

  • Light-weight and durable
  • Good storage capacity
  • Three pieces can be stored one in another.
  • The small bag is perfect for carrying on luggage
  • Small, medium and large suitcase

What we don’t like

  • Not expandable for extra room
  • Some people find an issue in the durability of this bag

No 11. Best Hardside Luggage Set With TSA Locks: Merax MT Imagine 3 Piece Luggage Set, Hardside Spinner Luggage Sets 20 24 28 Inches

Merax MT Imagine 3 Piece Luggage Set Spinner Suitcase 20 24 28 Inches(Blue)

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I am sure you can rely on Merax for the suitcases, it has been made for your convenience. It is one of the best hard-side spinner luggage sets. This hard side luggage set has three pieces while offering more attraction to feel drawn towards it. If you are caught in some challenging situations when you do not find any room to spare yourself, we can tell you with a hundred per cent certainty that having suitcases of Merax will be helpful to you a lot.

  • This kind of suitcase is available for you in three different sizes (20 inches suitcase, 24 inches suitcase, 28 inches suitcase)
  • These hard-side spinner luggage sets are very comfortable products that you can rely on without any reservations on your part.
  • The Merax hard case suitcase has a light frame in addition to possessing a hardshell case.
  • Bear this fact in your mind that this shell will help your suitcase resist different kinds of pressure for a very long time.
  • Due to its spinner wheels, you will experience flexibility to a greater extent.
  • Best hard-side spinner luggage
  • This suitcase has three pieces that handle to be of immense use to you.
  • It can hide scratches and damages and have a three-digit lock that consolidates the chances of your security to a more considerable extent.
  • Your hands will feel comfortable while carrying this kind of luggage with you.
  • Its wheels rotate 360 degrees in any direction you want them to turn.
  • These three sets can be fitted to one another. You can get it in seven different colours.
  • Its warranty is for three years.
  • It is expandable.

What we Like

  • Light-weight and durable
  • Built-in lock
  • Strong security system
  • Expandable
  • Three years warranty

What we don’t like

  • Use zippers carefully

No 12. Best Hardside Carry on Luggage With Spinner Wheels: Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard 21 Inch Carry on

Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard 21 Inch Carry on

Buy Now

You can find to your surprise, that the Delsey Chatelet kind of suitcases is a homage to the iconic Delsey Paris design. Delsey carries on luggage is undoubtedly a product of elegance to catch your eyes at the very first moment. It is one of the best hardshell luggage. Most domestic airlines have an overhead bin, and this is the very reason that this 21 inches suitcase is made to fit that. Pure polycarbonate of the highest standard has been used in this preparation. The Delsey carry-on interior has a soft-touch lining that makes it very luxurious.

  • You will find a brake function that you can use to lock two wheels on the front side of the bag.
  • By doing this, you can move the bag due to its two wheels. Its movement is very silent.
  • The double spinner wheels of this bag are of a high standard.
  • Best hard-side carry on luggage
  • On account of two packaging departments with the tie-down straps and a zippered mesh divider.
  • You will begin to have peace of mind having no worries about things having been put inside this bag.
  • An excellent lock is also found on the bag that TSA has undoubtedly approved.
  • These bags come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Their design is very classy, and you can get these bags in many colours.
  • Its interior divider has pockets.

What we Like

  • Beautiful, elegant, stylish, luxurious, great material
  • The zipper is great, so are the locks! The material of fabric inside my luggage is so lovely and soft.
  • TSA lock and identification plate
  • Very well designed, provides all sorts of pockets for organizing your wardrobe, plus great securing straps and zippered separators to keep garments unwrinkled.
  • Strong and easy wheels
  • Ten years warranty

What we don’t like

  • According to Delsey luggage reviews sometimes secret codes did not work
  • Little expensive than other hardside luggage


No 13. Best Hardside Sophisticated Suitcase for Checked Luggage: Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero

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Delsey luggage helium aero is a bag that has an expandable spinner trolly. You can get this bag at an affordable price. You can purchase Delsey Helium in four sizes, two full-size bags and two carry-on fittings in overhead compartments. Its exterior is made up of polycarbonate.

  • People are always desirous to get hardside luggage having functional pockets.
  • This suitcase does not limit your access to the valuables kept inside it.
  • The spinner wheels let you slide across your luggage without much effort.
  • Plus, you will not get worried about the weight of the items in the hard case suitcase because there will be a proper balance managed by it.
  • It has two packaging compartments with a fully lined interior.
  • Its compression strap behind the compartment puts you at ease at every moment because you can put your new things in it.
  • Its primary function is that it helps you to put your things inside the suitcase organized at all times.
  • It is low weight, plus TSA approves its lock.
  • It is expandable, and it is available in many colours and designs.
  • Best checked luggage

What we Like

  • Light-weight and durable
  • Vibrant colours
  • TSA lock
  • Easy to move
  • Good storage capacity

What we don’t like

  • Sometimes plastic smell creates a disturbance
  • Zippers could be stronger

No 14. Best Samsonit Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels: Samsonite Centric Hardside 28’’ Luggage


Samsonite Centric Hardside 28’’ Luggage

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If you have the ambition to make your journey to anywhere very easy, requiring no effort from you, this Samsonite hard side luggage is meant to serve you. Its grip is rubberized on co-moulded handles and has durable spinner features that make this luggage light. It provides you with sufficient protection. The Interior part of this luggage is fully-lined with cross straps and tonal logo prints. A combination lock is also used to keep your valuable very safe.

  • No matter how many trips you are desirous to go on, the Samsonite-centric luggage will be of immense help during your every journey.
  • It has the lightest polycarbonate build.
  • Not only that, but it also ensures scratch resistance when you are finding yourself in any hard situation.
  • This luggage has a TSA-approved luggage strap and a lock that is a three-digit combination lock that you can set up yourself without facing any difficulty.
  • Four rolling spinner wheel makes it easy to operate well. These wheels can go in every direction smoothly.
  • You do not need tilting or flipping to make it move. You can push it or pull it by your choice.
  • If you get two extra inches to pack souvenirs by unzipping the expansion zipper, its functionality will put you more at ease.
  • You should also note that every expensive suitcase does not have this feature.
  • It has lightweight tubes.
  • It has cross straps and an entire zip interior.

What we Like

  • Sturdy and light-weight
  • So easy to push and pull
  • Good space and storage
  • Stylish and durable
  • Best for long and short trips

What we don’t like

  • Irritating sometimes exterior chemical smell
  • Bag handle should be used carefully
  • No inside pockets, less storage for small items

No 15. Best Hardside Expandable Luggage: Samsonite Ziplite 3.0, 28 Inches Suitcase

Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard 21 Inch Carry on

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It is a well-known fact that nobody wants such suitcases in which their things get messed up, which get broken now and then. It is the common desire of everybody to purchase such a bag which is very useful and keeping of which does not create any problem. Samsonite Ziplite 3.0 is the best Samsonite hardside luggage. We are sure that Samsonite Ziplite 3.0 will not create any such problem for you if you decide to purchase it. Besides this, Samsonite hard side luggage sets are also trendy among travellers.

  • You will never find any scratching on your bag of Samsonite Zipline 3.0.
  • Samsonite lightweight spinner has been made of a hundred per cent polycarbonate with a micro-diamond texture.
  • Samsonite briefcase is very lightweight.
  • It would help if you turned its wheel 360 degrees to make Samsonite 4 wheel spinner move in any direction you want.
  • Whenever you would carry this suitcase with you, you would not feel its weight on your shoulders.
  • You can also expand this to your desire.
  • This bag has a push-button handle that works to reduce the risk of damage of any kind.
  • Its locks are always ready to get an extension in line with the desire of its keeper.
  • It has cross straps that you can use to your advantage.
  • Its handles are rubber-coated, plus interior compression straps.
  • Remember that this kind of bag can expand almost up to 1.5 inches.

What we Like

  • Light-weight and durable
  • You can expand it according to your choice
  • Easy to move
  • Modern design
  • Push-button handle
  • Cross straps

What we don’t like

  • Spinning wheels could be strong

No 16. Best Affordable Hardside Luggage: Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 24’’ Luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 24’’ Luggage

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Samsonite Winfield 2 is the best budget hardside luggage. This hardshell suitcase set is something which you need. Keeping it does not require any significant effort from you. It has been made of sharply moulded polycarbonate. It is very light and can absorb impact and flex. It is the product for you, and it will protect you with all the essential things. If you have an intention to purchase a suitcase of Samsonite Winfield at a mid-price, we will tell you that this is the suitcase just for you.

  • In your travelling, you would notice with a sigh of relief that you do not see any scratch or dent in your set of a suitcase.
  • TSA approves its lock.
  • It also contains a curtain with two functional pockets.
  • The interior is also lined with cross straps.
  • Its brushed metal look makes it very attractive.
  • It is designed with bold colours.
  • Its wheels are made in a very smooth manner.
  • There is one problem with these suitcases because of their retractable handles.
  • Grip handles are located on top or the side of suitcases, and these are very important, so you must look for these handlers before you finally decide to purchase them.
  • This brand is known for durable luggage.
  • You will find ribs on the suitcase on its front side that has the purpose of stopping you from bowing.
  • They are lightweight suitcases, but they happen to be sturdy.
  • TSA lock is found on the side and an interior divider with pockets.
  • They are also expandable suitcases.

What we Like

  • Light-weight and durable
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Inner pockets and dividers provide ample storage.
  • Strongside and top handles
  • Variety of vibrant colours

What we don’t like

  • No straps on the other side, so everything you put on this site will, for sure, end up at the bottom.
  • No padding on the inside where you place clothing


No 17. Best Hard Shell International Carry on Luggage: Samsonite Innova Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels


Samsonite Hardside Luggage

Buy Now

This 20 inches carry-on hard side luggage is perfect for professional travellers. It has a clean and elegant design. Four 360 degree spinner wheels allow smooth mobility on an uneven surface. The fully lined interior is divided into different compartments, providing vast space for your travel items. It is the best carry-on hard side luggage.

  • Manufactured from high tech material
  • Best scratch resistant
  • Elegant and decent design
  • A flat handle allows maximum baggage allowance
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Three-digit TSA approved lock
  • Cross straps secure the contents of luggage and help it for shifting without any damage
  • A fully lined interior has different compartments which do convenient packing for your travel items

What we Like

  • Best suitcase and Tracks effortlessly
  • A flat handle makes a great grip to carry
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Decent and elegant design
  • Fully lined interior along with different compartments
  • Provides you with a vast space for packing

What we don’t like

  • Wheels could be stronger

Buying Guide of the Best Budget Hard Shell Luggage

What should I look for when purchasing a suitcase? It is challenging to select the right hardside luggage. For the shopping for hardside luggage, we have to consider so many things like its material, size, colour, etc. if you are worried about the selection of hard side luggage, then don’t worry. We create a list of some features you have to consider before shopping for hardside luggage.

  • Good Storage
  • Compartments
  • Pull tabs and half zipper
  • Purchase a set

It is a bit difficult task to have the right kind of luggage. The selection of the hard cases of the hard case luggage is very confusing. There have been many changes in the material and function of the bags. Whenever you are ready for the journey, you must ask yourself a fundamental question about whether you like soft side luggage or hardside luggage.

It is also a known reality that protecting your valuables is the one and the sole thing that comes to your mind whenever you think of packing your valuables before setting out on your journey. If there are some fragile things with you, you are very cautious to keep them safe and sound during your travelling. So, keeping in view all of your concerns and needs, we give you some important information about hardside luggage to put you at ease during your travelling.


Most suitcase manufacturers offer a range of sizes across each of their ranges. Smaller pieces are designed for people who don’t want to check in their luggage and only carry on luggage.

 The best hardside suitcases usually measure around 22 x 18 x 10 inches. Never assume that a “cabin-sized” hardside suitcase will automatically fit in the overhead bin of an aeroplane. Always check the size restrictions with the airline you are flying with before buying a “cabin-sized” hardside case.

 Medium-sized cases measure 25 to 27 inches, and significant cases can go as long as 32 inches. Many airlines often specify that the maximum allowed length of checked baggage cannot exceed 62 inches.

Restrictions can also apply to the weight of the case and how many you can take with you. There are different types of fees for you for heavy luggage. You’ll want to keep these things in mind when purchasing hardside luggage.

There is a big difference between outside and hardshell cases. A soft-side case expands slightly to accommodate the odd extra item here and there. A hardshell case is entirely rigid.

Hardside luggage is the best type of luggage to use if you like to travel with your belongings. A solid design gives your luggage a better structure and prevents breakage during travel. 


Hardside suitcases aren’t always much heavier than similarly sized soft-sided cases. Most people don’t realize the difference between hardside and softside backpacks, but the truth is that at most, it is only a minimal difference in the weight of the two. Hardside luggage generally weighs about 2 to 5 pounds more than soft-sided alternatives.

 Note that these new-generation hard side cases are not just for heavyweights. They are incredibly lightweight as well and are supremely durable. Most ABS material is lighter than those made from polycarbonate, but the difference is negligible. More polycarbonate materials are more durable than the lighter ABS ones.

Number of Wheels

 It’s hard to believe now, but just 20 years ago, it was unfathomable to think about carrying your suitcase through airports or to your car in a parking garage. The 2-wheeled cases can easily be pulled behind you as you gently tip the case towards you as you roll. These are easier to use and more efficient.

 A four-wheeled, spinning case allows you to roll through the world easily. A travel bag is a convenient way to store your Kindle and other devices. You can even push the one case you’re pulling, and a 4-wheeled shopping cart will be much easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and crowded airports.

 With four recessed wheels in place of two, the space between the wheels has increased slightly. The four-wheeled spinning models are better suited for shipping, and the more recessed wheels mean they don’t have to be packed as tightly for moving.


 Depending on your suitcase, there are many kinds of handles you might want to use. The handle should fit easily into its slot once you pull or push the suitcase. Telescopic handles are a good choice. The best ones are usually made of high-quality aluminium and have a smooth mechanism.


It would help if you chose a suitcase with a zipper that will last you through many trips. It should also be secured into the suitcase’s body when closed and strong enough to withstand any attempt to be sliced or cut open by would-be thieves while in transit.

Some of the most recent generations of hard side cases don’t even have zippers, meaning they close up by clamping down and using a lock.


Locks are a must-have on any suitcase. You want one that’s TSA-approved, so you can rest easy knowing your luggage will be safe when travelling. Transport authority agents must have access to your luggage to check its contents, but this type of lock will still protect your luggage from theft or damage.

 With TSA lock technology, your belongings are secure and cannot be opened by anyone but a TSA agent. These locks are only meant for hardshell cases.

 Material and Durability

Aluminium — Aluminum Hardcases are strong and durable but expensive. These cases look impressive, but they don’t last too well, can be pretty easily scratched, and may not look great in the case.

Polycarbonate — Offering exceptional protection and long-lasting durability, polycarbonate cases are available in a wide range of colours and styles, protecting your iPad from bumps, dings, heat, and moisture.

Polycarbonate is one of the most rigid plastics on the market, making it an ideal material for use in cases.

ABS — These cases are made from a mixture of 3 plastic materials that are highly resistant to heat and impact. They have a sophisticated, high gloss finish.

ABS plastic is used to make car parts, computer hard drives, cell phones, iPods, etc.

ABS cases are cheaper than many other cases and do not require a custom milled insert for the camera. They also do not match the strength of polycarbonate or aluminium cases.

Additional Information About Hardside Luggage

Why Buy Hardside Luggage? Advantages of Hardside Luggage

Hardside luggage is a suitcase made of a rigid material. Its exterior is hard and solid, rather than the soft fabric suitcases. Hard cases are sometimes more expensive than their soft-sided luggage, but they’re a better choice because their additional layer of protection increases the durability. Hardside luggage is an excellent choice for your next adventure. Following is the best reason why should you choose hard side luggage. 

Extra Protection Keep Your Belongings SafeThe hard-side suitcase is recommended if you want to take valuables like your laptop or other electronics with you. A Hardcase case offers the highest level of protection for your fragile item. 

  1. Protect Your Items From Rain or Humid Condition

Hard Cases are made to help protect your valuables. If you want a case that will keep your items safe even in rainy and humid conditions. 

  1. Increase the level of Protection Against Theft

Hardside luggage is more protective against theft than softside luggage because it’s much harder for thieves to get into hardsided luggage. They are usually made from more robust materials and can be locked in the event of theft.

  1. Use the Space the Way You Want

Hardside luggage can have one main compartment or be split into 50/50 compartments. Hardside cases are most likely to open like a book, giving you 50/50 options for filling both sides. There are no fabric folds, making it easy to use.

  1. Find Your Case on the Carousel

There are always tons of similar cases on any carousel, but with hard side cases, you can go all out and wear your style on your case with bright colours, bold designs, and even customized printed images to find them quickly at the baggage claim.

If you’re going to travel by plane, you can use some unique luggage tags. They look great, and if you can get some fantastic design elements, it’s a fun way to create a new type of luggage tag for your carry-on.

  1. Easy to Move

A hard suitcase offers a much smoother ride than regular wheeled luggage. Hard-sided suitcases are ideal for your carry-on travel because they keep their contents in place and are easy to roll along with you.

Drawbacks of Hard Case Luggage

  • It might be screechy or dented
  • It would need to open the whole bag to get your things from it
  • It cannot be extended

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Final Thoughts

Our team has written a detailed review of the best hard side luggage on a budget in the above. We hope it will be helpful for you with your buying decision. Hardside luggage is very common nowadays. They provide you with a large storage capacity for your travelling items. The Exterior hard shell of these cases offers extra durable protection for your travel accessories.
These suitcases are also perfect for the protection of fragile things. For example, cameras and drones are popular among travellers; you can quickly put your travel accessories in the hard shell luggage. Moreover, the security system of this luggage is solid. Hardside luggage has a modern and unique style, but they are more expensive than other cases.

Frequently Ask Questions About Hard Case Luggage On a Budget 2022

1- Is hardside luggage better?

Answer: Hardside bags keep some advantages and disadvantages. These bags protect fragile traveling items. They have a security system like the TSA lock system. 360 spinning wheels make it freely moveable on any surface. You can easily carry it on airports. But on the other hand, they are a little expensive than other bags. Moreover, they can be dented or scratchy.

2- What is the best material for hardside luggage?

Answer: Mostly polycarbonate and ABC plastic are used for the manufacturing of hardside luggage. Polycarbonate manufactured luggage is durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. Polycarbonate luggage is considered best hardside luggage. On the other hand, ABC plastic-made luggage is heavy, cheap, and not so much durable. By the combination of polycarbonate and ABC plastics, some manufacturers are producing good results.

3- Which is better Samsonite or American Tourister?

Answer: Samsonite luggage is made from high-quality polycarbonate material. Their bags are slightly expensive but durable and long-lasting, whereas American Tourister made budget-friendly luggage. Their luggage is very attractive. Samsonite luggage is also attractive and durable than American Tourister. So if you have a reasonable budget, then inevitably you choose to buy Samsonite luggage.

4- Does hardside luggage crack?

Answer: Hardside luggage is manufactured from solid material. But if the outer case is made from ABC material, then it has no good durability. Polycarbonate plastic manufactured bags are very durable, and they don’t crack easily, but ABC plastic bags have less strength. So whenever you are going to purchase hardside luggage, firstly check the manufacturing material of the bags.

5- Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

Answer: Hardside luggage is durable luggage. Following is the list of durable hardside luggage.

  • Samsonite Centric Hardside 28″ Luggage
  • Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 24″ Luggage
  • Travelpro Maxlite 4 29″ Hardside spinner
  • Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard 21 Inch Carry on
  • Samsonite Ziplite 3.0, 28″, Hardside Spinner Luggage
  • American Tourister Moonlight Spinner

 6- Which luggage has the best wheels?

Answer: Travelpro Maxlite 4 29″ Hardside spinner and Delsey Luggage Helium Aero have durable wheels. Travelpro Maxlite 4 29″ Hardside spinner is designed with eight-wheeler spinner luggage, which you can roll in any direction without any effort. The spinner wheels of Delsey Helium Luggage Aero allow you to move in any direction without much effort freely.

7- What is the lightest hardside luggage?                                                                                                                 

Answer: Travelpro Maxlite 4 29″ Hardside spinner and Samsonite no pulse Harside Spinner are considered lightest hardside luggage.

8- What is the best luggage brand in 2022?

  • Samsonite Centric Hardside 28″ Luggage
  • Hauptstadtkoffer Ostkreuz Suitcase Set
  • Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 24″ Luggage
  • Travelpro Maxlite 4 29″ Hardside spinner
  • Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard 21 Inch Carry on
  • Samsonite Ziplite 3.0, 28″, Hardside Spinner Luggage
  • Delsey Luggage Helium Aero
  • Merax MT Imagine 3 Piece Luggage Set Spinner Suitcase 20 24 28 Inches(Blue)
  • Unitravel Lightweight Luggage Hardside Travel Suitcase
  • Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase
  • Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage 2 Piece Set
  • Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set
  • American Tourister Moonlight Spinner
  • Ben Sherman Nottingham Lightweight Upright Luggage
  • Lucas Luggage ABS Mid Size Hard Case 24 Inches Rolling Suitcase