Do you ever experience blurry pictures of your expensive camera? Do you want to take the perfect picture of a waterfall, running animals or moving clouds? If you want High-quality images and memorable photographs then you need the best travel tripod. 

It is our best counsel that you must try to take such tripods that are small, lightweight, and sufficiently solid so that you can move with them effortlessly during your trip to any corner of the world.
We are sure enough you must be aware of this fact that best travel tripods have some separate sorts of work to carry out in comparison to standard tripods. You must be mindful of the fact that sane travelers keep all routinely needs in their view before they finally decide to purchase tripods. We want to advise you that you should prepare your mind to buy such tripods, as are stable, adjustable, and swift to be used by you in addition to having some other necessary qualities.

Buying Guide of the Best Travel Tripod

Before purchasing a travel tripod, you should consider the following points. This buying guide will answer all your questions. What is the best travel tripod? Which travel tripod is the best aluminum or carbon fiber?


A good travel tripod is manufactured from carbon and aluminum material. Carbon fiber makes it lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant.

Folding Size

You should also see the folding size of the travel tripod. The best travel tripod should be enough fold that it can easily fit in your backpack. The minimum folding size makes it easy to carry.


Always check the minimum and maximum height of the travel tripod. Best travel tripods are extendable.


Always check the weight of the travel tripod. Lightweight travel tripods are easy to carry during traveling.

Easy to Set up and Lock

Best travel tripods are easy to set up, and you can lock it. Locking features made its grip, and you can easily take the photographs.

The Best Travel Tripods for the Year of 2021

You will find the features, pros, and cons of the best travel tripods of 2021.

 Best Budget Travel Tripod

No 1.Peak Design Travel Tripod

General Features

It is a costlier tripod, but it is also picturesque in terms of its design and folded size.
The material of the Peak Design tripod is made from either aluminum or alloy, and you will find that its extended height is 153cm, but its folded height is 39cm. The feet of this tripod is made of pads(spikes optional extra). Its leg sections are 5, its weight is 1.27kg or 1.56kg, and its maximum load happens to be 9kg.
It is the first tripod that Peak Design has made, but this tripod is more expensive than all its counterparts with an exception to Gitzo. You would notice that this tripod appears ideal to you during its use by you.

Product Description

If your height is average, Peak Design has introduced this tripod will go to eye level for you, and its packing will be in only 39 cm. The company has shaped it in such a way that it would be cut out to a dead volume between the legs and the column at a time when it gets packed. And this is something that means it is not just short when you get it folded. It will appear very slim in size, which means that you can place it in your camera bag or cabin bag along with strapping it to the outside. Its low profile ball head is just brilliant but straightforward, and it is here that you would find a phone holder concealed inside the center column, and best of all for its size, the Peak Design Travel Tripod is noticed feeling rigid like heck. We want to tell you that if the price of the carbon fiber causes you to lose interest in it, then we would remind you of the aluminum alloy version costing you at least 40% less.
We want to tell you that the Peak Design Travel Tripod is highly portable while possessing an ultra-low profile ball head. Phone mount and bag also included in this tripod.
But the negative aspect of this travel tripod is that it is a bit expensive. It is not the tallest tripod, and it has some hex key fiddling.

No 2.3 Legged Thing Eclipse Leo Airhead Switch Kit  (Best Travel Tripod for DSLR)

3 Legged Thing Eclipse Leo Airhead Switch Kit
General Features

  • Lucie Technical Awards winner tripod of the year
  • Professional ultra-compact tripod
  • It can be converted into a monopod
  • It has five years of global warranty

Product Description

This travel tripod is small but mightier having justification for its price tag. The material of carbon fiber is used in the preparation of this tripod. Its folded height is 35 cm, while its extended height happens to be 146 cm. Its feet are made of pads and are interchangeable. It has five leg sections, and the maximum load of its legs and head is 30 kg, and its full weight is 1.75kg.
There are many more to expend on a travel tripod while getting compared to other tripods that are on our list, but this does not mean that Leo is a low ratted tripod. It folds down to just 35cm in length with its opening out to the height of 146 cm and an enormous payload capacity of 30 kg. This tripod possesses a removable monopod leg that can be put to use as a microphone or camera boom, a Tri-Mount system for attaching accessories, and an innovative two-section center column. You can purchase the legs on their own, but it will be our advice to you that you should get it as a kit with three Legged Things’Airhead Swith ball head.
It is undoubtedly a positive aspect of this travel tripod that it has 30 kg, and it will be just 35cm long when it is folded. It
It is having a removable monopod/boom. Its negative aspect is that it possesses many leg clamps to tighten.


  • It’s incredibly versatile and sturdy
  • Easy to set up
  • Best travel tripod for DSLR
  • It can turn in tripod, monopod, reverse mount tripod and walking stick
  • Flexible travel tripod


  • Little expensive than others

No 3. Manfroto  Element Traveler Big (Best Budget Travel Tripod)

General Features

Compact travel tripod fits in all backpacks
Three independent legs
Telescopic column increase the hight smoothly
Easy to carry and transport

Product Description

The Manfroto travel tripod is an affordable travel tripod that contains a lot of features.
Aluminum is used in the making of this travel tripod. It is a tripod with an extended height of 165cm and a folded height of 42cm. Its feet are of pads and spikes. Its maximum load of head and legs are eight kg while its weight happens to be 1.62 kg.
This Manfroto travel tripod contains one or another thing for every traveler. It is available in the market in big and small, both sizes with aluminum kits in black, grey, red, and blue, as well as in carbon fiber editions. The big aluminum option is relatively compact, with a 42 cm folded height with a solid 8kg load rating. The small version contains just a 4 kg load rating with no monopod configuration. Though it does not come in your hands at a high price, you would not find this travel tripod deficient in any feature being deficient in the telescopic center column in the larger edition pays dividends at a time when it comes to rigidity. Its ball head contains a liberated panning lock and two bubble levels but with no friction adapter. In our test, this travel tripod has proved reliable and having the full ability to resist vibrations.  You can easily use it, and during its usage, you would find out that it is showing an outstanding performer. We assure you that this is one of the best travel tripods at this price.


Compact travel tripod
Easy to use
360-degree column allows you to take pictures from any angle
Telescopic column makes its height adjustable
Best for landscape photography


No 4. SIRUI T-1205X 5-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod(Best Valued Travel Tripod)

 SIRUI T-1205X 5-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod (Best Valued Travel Tripod)
General Features

  • Extremely lightweight travel tripod
  • Silicon twist lock
  • Easy to setup
  • Short centre columns allow the shallow position
  • Its weight is 1.76 pounds
  • Quickly leg lock


Product Description

It is well crafted. Tripod. I own a Gitzo mountaineer aluminium tripod and the Gitzo CF. It is very light. It has a 6-year warranty. The case looks expensive.  It folds very small and will fit in most daypacks. Of course, it doesn’t bring the camera to eye-level for a six-footer like me, but it does an adequate job of holding the camera. It is a well-made travel tripod.


  • Lightweight while still sturdy
  • Easy to set up
  • All the grips and surfaces feel great; the tighteners feel great and hold well.
  • stable enough for your photo needs


  • Middle column could be more strong.

No 5. JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit. Professional Tripod 5K Stand and Ballhead  (Best Vlogging Travel Tripod)

JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit. Professional Tripod 5K Stand and Ballhead

General Features

  • Flexible travel tripod
  • Best for DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras
  • Wrap legs allow you secure professional camera grip
  • Manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic
  • Its weight is 1.5 pounds.

Product Description

Joby GorillaPod 5K kit is considered the smallest travel tripod. It is best for DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras because it has a firm grip over the loaded devices on it. This travel tripod is also known best for vlogging. It is easy to set up and quickly locked as it manufactured from Aluminium and steel, so it is incredibly lightweight and durable. You can easily carry it anywhere.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to setup
  • Strong grip on the earth
  • Compact travel tripod
  • Best budget travel tripod
  • Best for video vlogging


  • Short maximum height


No 6.Manfrotto PIXI Evo

Product Description

The material of ABS plastic is used in the making of this travel tripod. It is a travel tripod with an extended height of 14 cm and folded height 18cm. The feet of this tripod are flat. Its leg section is just one. The maximum load of leg and head is 2.5kg, 2.5kg. Its weight is 0.15 kg.
As we have mentioned earlier, this travel tripod does not have two-section legs of the PIXI EVO or the variable leg angles. Still, its fold-out legs just as quick to use, and they can fold back to form a handy or handle for handling a camera, smartphone, or an action camera. It would prove an excellent experience to get the kit, including a GoPro adjuster and cradle phone holder. Purchasing of this tripod does not require much cost from you.
The 1.2kg payload is adequate to handle a compact camera or a small DSLR/ mirrorless model. Its ball head gets locked with a prominent rotating color in bright orange. You would grip it comfortably. And we are sure that you would not ignore it at all. Its weight is just 150g, and It comes with a versatile accessory kit. It is the negative aspect of this tripod that it contains minimal height.

Do you know what how does tabletop tripods look like? We would tell you that this tripod looks like tabletop tripods in the 21st century.
Manfrotto travel tripod has been made with the material of tripod. You would note that the extended height of this travel tripod is 20 cm. Its folded height is 20.5 cm. The feet of this tripod is just flat. It comes with two leg sections, and its maximum load of legs and head is equal(2.5kg,2.5kg). Its weight is 0.267 kg.
If you experienced trouble with old fashion table tripods regarding screw-in legs and wibbly-wobbly camera mounts, we just welcome you to this kind of travel tripod.
The PIXI EVO is a modern edition of Manfrotto’s original PIXI model and is just very fast to use. You flip out the legs to use it as a tripod or push them back together to make a camera grip with a ball head, which gets released and locked with the help of an easy push button. Besides, EVO adds its two-section legs and two legs angle for low-level shooting. It is here that you have the option to get a smartphone clamp, but its ball head directly fits into regular camera tripod sockets. It can support compact cameras and small DSLRs and mirrorless models. Its maximum height is restricted, and you would find it super fast when setting up.
You can keep this tripod in the pocket of your jacket. It is the ideal travel tripod for such tourists to take along a full-size version. This travel tripod is small enough for the pocket of your coat. It has just two-section legs to put you at ease with a smooth push-button ball head. But it is carrying one negative point. Its maximum height is shallow.
9.3 Legged Thing Iggy Mini Action Tripod+ Phone Holde

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Best professional Travel Tripods

No 7.Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A+B0

General features

180-degree center column allows various position for this tripod
Leg lock system improves more stability
Dustproof and faster deployment
You can convert it with a monopod
Compact travel tripod, foldable and easy to carry

Product Description

If you are willing to get moments of your trip to any place photographed seriously, then this tripod is just for your usage.
Its extended height is 165 cm, and its all material is made of aluminum. Its folded height is 46 cm. The feet of this tripod is of pads and spikes. Its maximum load is 8 to 10 kg, and its leg sections are four while its full weight happens to be 1.95 kg.
We can tell you with surety that the Benro GoPlus contains an unpretentious folded length and liberal operating height along with substantial maximum load capacity. It is one of the two tripods in this list has a feature of the pivoting center column. You would find its implementation better than in the Kenro tripod because it enables quite a range of locking angles in small increments through a complete 180-degree arc.
You would notice that bubble levels are attached to the tripod platform and head for easy leveling. Interchangeable rubber feet and spikes are supplied coupled with a soft padded case. One leg has the option to get unscrewed to use as a standalone monopod.
If you have some space to take this tripod with you, it is our advice to you that you must purchase it.


Compact and lightweight tripod
Foldable, easy to carry
Can be turned into a monopod
180-degree center column allows versatile positioning
Attachable hook for extra weight to increase stability


It is not very light.

No 8.Kenro Karoo Ultimate Travel
General Features

Fast and easy to set up
Compact design according to the traveler’s mind
Center column is 180 degree so you can move it in any position
Can be turned in monopod
Twist lock legs
Tripod head

Product Description

You would not find the Kenro Karoo smooth like the Benro, but it can do the same job as that of Benro.
The extended height of Kenroo Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod is 168cm. Carbon fiber is used in the preparation of the material of this tripod. Its folded height is 48cm while its feet are of retractable spikes. Its legs sections are four. And its maximum load is 8 to 10 kg while its weight is 1.95 kg.
The Kenroo Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod possesses the same weight as the Benro above in addition to the same maximum load capacities. You would find one more likeness to the Benro, and it is that it can pivot the Kenroo’s center for use as a horizontal boom.
You would note that Kenroo’s pivot mechanism is comparatively clunky in terms of its design. It would not make you capable of locking the column at alternative angles aside from being vertical or horizontal. The Kenroo can feature Arca-Swiss consistent, quick release plate in the head, existent with independent locking, panning, and adaptable frictions knobs. It is a travel tripod that does beat it in the best travel tripod stakes, being a versatile tripod in the real sense of the word with excellent rigidity at every height.
You must not forget that the Kenroo is having good weight and useful load capacity with a brilliant center column along with rubber feet and spikes. But its pivot is clunkier than that of the Benroo.


Lightweight and compact size
Very flexible and the ability to change the center column to a horizontal position
Can be turned into a monopod
Easy to set up


Some people faced packaging problem.

No 9.Vanguard VEO 2235 AB Black

General Features

this vanguard tripod possesses a novel design that makes it capable of setting up in no time
Manufactured from aluminum material which makes it lightweight and robust tripod
Independent leg positioning at different angles
Different positioning allows to take creative and versatile pictures

Product Description

Aluminum uses in the material of this tripod, and its extended height is 147cm.  And its folded height happens to be 40 cm. Its feet are made of pads of optional spikes. Leg sections of this tripod are five, and its maximum load is 6 to 9 kg. And its weight is 1.4kg.
The distinctive aspect of this Vanguard kit is that it has been designed differently for most other tripods. Despite the legs swinging upwards around the center column when it is folded, you would note that the center column is pivoting downward through 180 degrees instead. It is strange to become accustomed to, and it saves the need to remove the center column, invert it, and refit it.
There are also retractable spikes within the rubber-foot pads, a ball head with independent spanning lock, and a widely used Arca-Swiss kind quick release plate and a stylish padded soft case.
Two significant positive aspects are that it has a rotating center column design while being excellent value for money. Its negative point is that it does not have any removable leg for the monopod. It has one more negative aspect that it is possessive of a longer folded length.


It is a lightweight, compact, and stable tripod.
It can handle the weight of a Nikon D500
Best travel tripod for DSLR
Versatile position
Easy to set up


Suitable only for lighter lenses

No 10.Gitzo GK1555 Series 1 Traveler with ball head  (Best Professional Travel Tripod)

General Features
Best tripod for DSLR because it can hold up to 24lbs
Easy to set and lock
The built-in quick release system
Compatible with other plates

Product Description
You would get Gitzo Traveler at a higher price, but after purchasing it, you would surely appreciate yourself because it is beautiful to put to use.
The material of carbon fiber has been used in its preparation. Its folded height is 35.5 cm, and its extended height is 148.5cm. Feet of this tripod is of pads, and it contains five leg sections. Its maximum load is 10 kg, while its weight is 1.42kg.
The Gitzo tripod proves Rolls Royces of camera supports and travel series combines lightweight with supreme build and design that is an irresistible smooth operation. The GT1555(GT1555 for the ball head kit) Series 1 model contains five-section legs for a smaller packed size, but there is also a bit longer GT1545 four-section model. Its cost does not seem higher unless you factor in the smart 82TQD center ball head. It is a superb travel tripod, but the fact is that because of its higher price, we just halt ourselves to include it in our list. We know that you must be aware of the fact that there are various tripods of equal importance available in the market at a lower price, though they are not as elegant as Gitzo.
We would tell you that with Gitzo, your operations would be fantastic. This travel tripod has an immensely cool ball head with a short packed length. But there are some negativities of this travel tripod too: its price is discouragingly higher, and you cannot get a bag along with you if this tripod is in your possession. Gitzo is undoubtedly reliable but with cheaper rivals.


Brilliantly designed tripod head
This ball head is very stable, Best for DSLR cameras
Smooth action and easy to lock
The plate is triangular, so it fits perfectly with the legs.


Panning is not quite as smooth as the ball.

No 12.Adonit Photogrip

General Features
One-hand operation
Shutter remote. Shoot up to 10 meters away
Self-standing mode
Immediately edit photos and instantly upload on social media
As a bonus, you will get on the go travel pack
On the go travel pack includes a mini tripod, carry pouch and neck strap
Best iPhone tripod
Product Description
The material of PC and ABS is used in the making of this travel tripod. It is a tripod with extended height N/A and folded height N/A. Its feet are flat. Its leg section is just one. The maximum load of legs and head is N/A. Its weight is 0.064kg. It is the best travel tripod for iPhone.
If you use your smartphone to take pictures during your traveling to any place, we would tell you that this is the gadget you need. It is a spring-loaded grip that can open wide enough to fit a fat smartphone and clamps around it in the most protective manner. Adonit is the best tripod for a smartphone. You would notice a blue tooth shutter in the top that has been built in the tiny remote, which you can use to slide out to fire the shutter remotely. You would locate a tripod socket for a regular tripod or the small pocket tripod being present in the kit, which you can use with the legs folded in as a camera grip.
We would tell you that you must cautiously use bigger phones in the clamp to stop the tiny tripod from tipping over. Over and above this troubling feature, it is a handy travel tripod. It can get doubled as a smartphone grip. And you can put it in your trouser too. It also has an integrated Bluetooth remote. It has one negative aspect: you have to face balance issues, especially at a time with big phones.


The Photogrip is nice because it goes on smoothly over the case, so there’s no fumbling around.
The shutter button can be used as a remote and seems to work well without any lag.
This Compact tripod is convenient
Best tripod for phone
Lightweight tripod
Comfortable and the Bluetooth shutter button works perfectly and is rechargeable, which is great

Holders’ quality could be improved.

No 13.  Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 Traverse Carbon Fiber Grounder Tripod with Ball Head

Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 Traverse Carbon Fiber Grounder Tripod with Ball Head

General Features

  • Perfect tripod for DSLR, mirrorless, point, and camera
  • Easy to setup
  • Eight layered carbon fibre legs
  • Maximum height reaches 65 inches with a minimum height of 9 inches and folds down to 18.5 inches
  • Best compact travel tripod
  • Total weight of this travel tripod is 3.25 lbs

Product Description

Davis & Sanford TR654C – 36 Traverse carbon Grounder with Ball head travel tripod is perfect for DSLR, mirrorless, point, and shot camera. Its legs have a quick twist and quickly locked. It is easy to setup. You can easily move it anywhere to get the perfect photographs from any angle. Davis travel tripod is manufactured from 8 layered carbon. It is easy to transport and reliable. Its maximum height is 65 inches and holds 12 pounds weight on it. A high-quality bag is included to carry and store this travel tripod.


  • This Davis and Sanford tripod is lightweight and sets up quickly. Breaks down even more comfortable.
  • Easy to set up and lock
  • It folds down nice and compact, fits easily in a regular backpack.
  • The tripod feels high quality and well made.
  • All of the components (ball head, twist locks, etc.) work fluidly.


  • Leg angle locks are a bit small, and I find them finicky. Hopefully, these will break-in over time.
  • The plate on the included ball-head is LARGE. This impacts how tight the closed langs can get when compacted.


Final Thoughts

Travel tripods must be as taller as the regular tripods. It is also not essential that they have the same level of stability because carbon fiber has a good number of leg sections to get lightweight and practicality, which would cause you to pay more for your tripods.
If you do not make any mistake before purchasing the best tripods for personal usage, we are sure that an expensive tripod would come into your possession. You would notice that it does not create any problem for you when you do not feel any need to use it. But when you use it, you would get immense support from your tripods. We assure you these best tripods would be useful to you for many years in the near as well as the distant future of your life.
These travel tripods are available in the market in all sizes, designs, and prices. Full-size travel tripods are as taller as regular tripods. You would have the option to fold the legs up and around the center column and tripod head to save space when you are getting them packed. Tripods having more leg sections will fold smaller but would take some time for setting up while tripods with carbon fiber would cost you a bit more than regular aluminum tripods, and you can carry them easily because they are lighter in weight.
We would also tell you that you can have the option to purchase mini-tripod and tabletop tripods that surely give support to the camera or smartphone while letting you adjust the angle. Their size is small, and they are light-weighted to go in your bag or the pocket of your jacket. You also can use these tripods on a wall or a table or ground level (in case the composition is working), and they would certainly allow you to get shots that appear impossible otherwise.
There are varied options available for you in the market, and we are here just for you with many suggestions, so that you can pick tripods of your choice easily.