If you are going to an international business conference, definitely you will need a need and clean suit as it comes from dry cleaners. To fulfil this purpose, you need a garment bag for your flight. But here, the question arises, do garment bags count as carry on LuggageLuggage? Or the airlines will force you to pay extra for it?

Our experts conducted 48 hours of research on these questions. We checked the different airline luggage policies and checked the different people’s reviews and opinions. After consulting many websites and experts and proper investigation, here is a detailed answer (Do garment bags count as carry on?).

Do garment bags count as carrying on LuggageLuggage? Unfortunately, the garment bags don’t count as carrying on LuggageLuggage for air travel. However, in the section of baggage specification, many airlines allow garment bags as hand luggage. It means besides this handbag (garment bag), you can still bring carry on LuggageLuggage and put it in the overhead bin (the space provides over and under the seat).

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Recommended Garment Bags

After conducting 48 hours of research, our team picked top rated two recommended garment bags.

1. Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag for Suits, Tuxedos, Dresses, Coats

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Reason to Buy

  • Great for Suits, Tuxedos, Long Dresses
  • Extra-wide size
  • Travelling friendly
  • Durable material
  • Breathable with high quality zipper


2. ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips With Shoulder Strap (Black)

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Reason to Buy

  • Stress-free travel
  • Keep your clothes clean and unwrinkled
  • Stylish look
  • Durable and high quality
  • 100% Money back guarantee

Important TIP: Before carrying the garment bag, you should make sure that the dimension and the weight of your garment bags are meet the recommended handbag guidelines of particular airlines.

When Does Your Garment Bag Count As carrying On?

We researched and investigated many websites to find the answer to carrying garment bags as carrying on LuggageLuggage. But unfortunately, we did not find a single airline that restricted travellers from carrying a single onboard luggage item.

Almost all airlines allow carrying two-piece pieces of LuggageLuggage. Once you can carry it in your hand and act as a handbag, you can put your item in it. You can put the second piece of Luggage overhead bin or beneath the seat.

However, it won’t be easy if you travel for your business meeting and carry your garment bag, laptop bag, and rolling LuggageLuggage. In this case, your garment bag (one bag among 2 pieces of LuggageLuggage) can be used as checked LuggageLuggage.

5 Tips to Avoid Having Your Garment Bag Count As carrying on or Checked Luggage

In the following, we find out the best 5 tips that will prevent the inconvenience and expense of carrying an extra garment bag.

These precautions and planning can protect you from any inconvenience and expense of having extra LuggageLuggage.

No 1. Buy A Rolling Bag With A Garment Compartment Bag

Some rolling luggage or checked LuggageLuggage has a separate compartment for garments. These separate compartments are designed to keep your clothes neat and clean as they come from dry cleaners.

Most bags with separate garment compartments come in different designs. Some can have one or two suits. These types of LuggageLuggage are beneficial. It acts as checked LuggageLuggage for your flights.

No 2. Choose Airline That Allows You to Keep Your Garment Bag in an Onboard Closet

Some airlines allow travellers to put their suits in pristine condition. They have a large closet, usually in front of the plane or near the cockpit, where you can hang your business suits in a bag.

No 3. Go for sturdy garments

Some garments bags are not the rugged baggage as taken as LuggageLuggage. Sometimes you don’t have a time or choice to select the garment bag for your flight, and in a hurry, you choose the less durable bag.

Always try to purchase a garment bag made from sturdy material because it will keep your clothes safe and protect you from any mess.

No 4. Choose the suitcase that is made from wrinkle-free material

You can also buy a suit that is made from wrinkle-free material. Mostly synthetic suits cannot make crease when you fold the suit in the bag. This material avoids the extra wrinkles and creases while folding it up.

Many business travellers don’t like to wear such types of suits. However, wrinkle-free material is best for travel because there is no extra crease on it during travelling.

No 5. Purchase a Portable Garment Steamer

If you buy a portable steamer garment, you should not worry about wrinkles on your dress, whether you are wearing your business suit or in the garment bag. The steamer efficiently removes all the wrinkles from your suit, and its look new as it comes from a dry cleaner.

However, deep wrinkles cannot be easily removed from garment steamers. Therefore, the steamer is not a substitute for dry cleaning.

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do garment bags count as carry on?


5 Essential Packing Tips To Avoid Luggage Nightmare

 With a bit of creativity, you can make some extra space in your carry on luggage, and you don’t need extra checked luggage for your flight. If you are ravelling with all your things in your carry on luggage, then there is no chance you can lose your luggage.

Here are the 5 essential tips that can prevent you from any trouble and extra charges of expensive checked luggage.

No 1. Don’t Fold Your Clothes (Always Roll Them)

If you want to make some extra space in your luggage, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Rolled clothes are taking less space as compared to your folded clothes. In this way, you can maximize the space of your luggage. In addition, you can quickly put your extra items or clothes in one place.

No 2. Check the Luggage Policy of Airline

Many travellers don’t read the luggage instructions of the airlines, that’s why they face the luggage problem. Always read the luggage policy of any airline before booking the flight. If you know your airline’s luggage policy, then you can manage your luggage according to their requirements.

Airlines have detailed luggage guidelines on their websites. Most of the time, luggage guidelines are printed on the back of your ticket. However, the most detailed information is available on their website. So s it’s good that you can check their website to know the luggage guidelines of a particular airline.

No 3. Considered the Duration of Your Luggage

Always pack your luggage according to the duration of your trip. Avoid the packing of the non-essentials things. In this way, you cannot pay the extra cost of your heavy luggage.

No 4. Don’t Forget, Your Carry on Luggage May Be Used As a Checked Luggage

Whenever you pack your checked luggage, always keep in mind your airline’s dimension and weight restriction policy sometimes. If the plane is entire or small compared to your scheduled plan, your luggage can be checked.

Always keep your travel essentials personal items such as travel documents in your handbag so that you can keep them in your lap during the flight.

No 5. Pack your Travel items according to your Destination

Always pack your clothes and travel items by keeping your travel destinations in mind. In addition, you should know the climate and weather of your destination so that you can pack your clothes and other travel accessories according to it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flight

1. Can I bring my food on a flight?

Answer: Yes, you can bring your food on a flight. However, your food should meet the guidelines of your airline. Mostly liquid and gel food are restricted in airlines. Spread and migraines are considered gel food.

2. What restrictions are there for shaving blades and toiletries?

Answer: Knife and blades are strictly prohibited in domestic and international flights. However, you can bring the disposable razor and electric shaver to the plane.

Sectors with the 4 inches of blade are not restricted. However, you can only bring 100 millimetres (3.4 ounces) get or liquid with you. So if you have a full-size bottle of shampoo, perfume, gel and sunscreen, then it should be in your checked luggage.