For those looking for an affordable, stylish hotel with and solid option in the resort skiing area, this could be precisely what you need. The inclusion of two lenses (one for bright light, one for low light) at this price is particularly notable. This Dragon NFX review will discuss the lens quality, comfort, ventilation, ease of lens change, durability, style, and value of this ski goggle.

Our Verdict

The Beefy Dragon NFX Goggles are old-school ski goggles with a unique design. This means they come in both frameless and framed styles. We recommend opting out if you’re going into backcountry terrain because there isn’t much protection from rocks on these types of trails. However, their style and size make them the perfect choice for resort skiing – where many of your favorite memories will happen. We especially appreciate two lenses: one has more UV protection than usual, so it’s excellent when exploring bright sunlight conditions near snow-covered areas like parkas during warmer months.

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Technical Details of Dragon NFX

Number of lenses included2
Lens testedRed Ion, Rose
Lens ShapeCylindrical
Frame sizeLarge/Extra-large
Layers of foamTriple-layer
VentilationArmored venting

Pros and Cons of Dragon NFX

Pros  Cons 
Included 2 lenses Large fit design 
Great durability  Little heavy 
Super bold style 


Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of Dragon NFX

Dragon NFX is a pair of bright goggles designed for outdoor exploration. It is a powerful, wide-face goggle intended for people with bigger faces. They are incredibly robust, have a sleek, frameless design, and are very lightweight. The lenses are well-designed, and the ventilation is excellent. While the mechanism isn’t as strong as those with magnets, the many characteristics make it suitable for beginners and experts.

Detailed Review of Dragon NFX

Lens Quality

We found that the lenses of this goggle were pretty adequate in quality – not fantastic, but also nothing terrible either. They put up a good fight when we tested them again and found out their cylindrical shape continues to produce high-quality results.

The new NFX lenses from Dragon are made with Lexan, the same material as bulletproof glass and race car windshields. But these aren’t just any sunglasses. Instead, they’re designed to enhance your vision by correcting colour distortion and sharpening up facial details like never before. Unfortunately, we couldn’t attest to dramatic differences between previous models when testing them out. Still, testers felt that optics were pretty darn good in both looks and quality, so if you want better eyesight, give this incredible product a shot—you won’t regret it.

We were able to test both the red ion and rose lenses. You can’t go wrong with either of these lenses! The red ion lens is perfect for those who want their vision to be more vibrant and colourful. However, for those times where you need clear sight, the rose coloured specs should do just fine because it brings out all colours in what would otherwise appear as shades on their own accord – not that there’s anything wrong or outdated about blue-eyed people.

Lens Quality of Dragon NFX Review

On the outside, the NFX retains the same look as the previous models but now features “Lumalens” technology.



These goggles are a smooth, comfortable experience. The microfleece lining is well made and provides comfort for all testers in our test group, with its padding running throughout the entire frame of these lenses. As well as providing an excellent amount of ventilation thanks to their armored design, which helps keep you cool on those hot days when playing sports outdoors. However, it does come at quite an expense. 

While they offer suitable quality materials overall, there were some drawbacks. The stiff Lexan used here makes them less bendable than other goggle types would be allowing more limited flexibility – so if one likes being able.

These goggles come in three different sizes; large for people with more prominent faces, medium, which is good if you have a medium or long face shape and finally NFXs (small) for those who want less space around their nose. The extra-large size may be too much fit depending on how big your head is compared to other parts of yourself like shoulders etc., so consider what’s best before purchase.

The goggles are significant, but comfort should still be an issue for most skiers and boarders. Those with smaller faces who want a more snug fit won’t move around on them while they’re wearing it all day long. The NFXs (which has a slightly tighter design) is perfect.


Comfort of Dragon NFX Review

With a futuristic style, the NFX makes a big statement with its oversized lenses.

Some people were not happy with how well the goggles fit when wearing a helmet. However, our tests showed no inter-helmet interface and comfort for either Smith & Giro or any other brand we tried them on.

Ventilation and Breathability

When it comes to goggles, the NFX is one of our top picks for powder skiing and boarding because its design allows for comfortable use during long sessions. Unlike other models that may cause your eyes pain or even fog up when breathing in cold air while wearing them on groomed slopes with an open face helmet (such as those found at resorts). This product has perforated plastic covers over layers of foam which provide ample airflow without making you feel like there’s no protection whatsoever against harsh conditions outside these parks.

 The NFX is an excellent goggle for those who want to stay cool while riding. With vents along the top portion of each lens and an antifog coating that prevents fogging during wet conditions days on hilltop shots or Pipe parks alike. It’s no wonder this model has been a success with riders across various genres. However, we found the foam on these goggles to be less breathable than other models we’ve tested. 

Ease of Changing Lenses

With the new model, we found that by flipping up one side of your goggles, you can easily switch between Rose and Red Ion lenses without twisting or turning any parts that are much more comfortable.

The new NFX model has made this task much more accessible. There are now two catches on either side of the lower goggle frame. You squeeze these small tabs, and they will start to release your lens from its mountings with only minor fiddling needed for installation. Most people had trouble wearing gloves while performing these actions, though, so be mindful if you plan accordingly or don’t want any skin touching metal parts during testing times.


Ease of Changing Lenses of Dragon NFX Review

The NFX lens swap has gotten easier than the previous version, even with cold fingers.

There’s a new lens swapping system in town, and it doesn’t suck. The NFX has been getting better with each passing day. After switching traditional goggle lenses for NFC ones, we noticed our fingerprints were few and far between on the surface of those glasses – but at an increased cost (to you). If what matters most is that little bit fewer smudges here or there, then stick with magnetic tech goggles like ours since they’re still more reliable than anything else out there right now.


The NFX is a tough goggle that handles everything it’s faced with, like skiing and being stuffed in your pocket or bag. After our testing was finished, we carefully inspected the NFX and couldn’t find any signs of wear or tear at all. In previous tests, lenses were scratched even just a little bit on other goggles. This time around, both lenses looked good as new. In addition, the foam padding and frame are still intact with no marks from use. 

Durability of Dragon NFX Review

Putting the NFX through the wringer in the windy steeps.

While these goggles have held up well for one tester, we recommend taking care of them because they can get scratched easily. The lens dinged in several places, and there are some light scratches on it as well; however, this doesn’t seem to affect its performance.


 The NFX scores are high on the style points with its subdued and traditional design. With a frameless goggle, this is one of many options for those who want to stand out in their matching suit when skiing at night or early morning hours.

The large, bold style of the NFX goggles looks like they’ve been transported back in time to the current day. The reflective coating on those beefy lenses gives them an extra futuristic vibe that’s perfect for any mountain-goating enthusiast looking to make their presence known out there with you. You can grab these goggles in several different colours or get special tinted ones, so everyone knows who rules supreme up top.


The goggles are not the most expensive or cheapest, but they offer durability and an extra lens. In addition, the construction is solid, so this may be one for you to last several seasons into your future.

What We Like of Dragon NFX

  • The superior interchangeable lens system
  • Comes with two lenses included
  • Good venting and anti-fog

What We Don’t Like of Dragon NFX

  • The oversized frame doesn’t fit in some helmets
  • Lens options tested weren’t ideal for all conditions

Compare Dragon NFX To Similar Products 


Name Dragon NFXZeal Portal RLSSmith Squad ChromaPopGiro BlokAnon Helix 2.0
Number of lenses included22212
Lens testedRed Ion, RosePersimmon/Sky Blue MirrorChromapop Sun, Yellow Vivid Onyx Blue Variable/Amber
Lens ShapeCylindricalSphericalCylindricalCylindricalCylindrical
Frame sizeLarge/Extra-largeM/LMedium/LargeLargeMedium
Layers of foamTriple-layerTriple-layer 2-layer Dri-WixTriple-layer Dual-layer
VentilationArmored venting Dual vent with anti-fog coatingNot specifiedAnti-fog treatedFull Perimeter Channel venting
ProsUnique design, Great durability, comes with 2 lensesAffordable price, great feature, clear optic vision Inexpensive comes with multiple lenses Affordable, easy fit with a helmet Well ventilation, comes with 2 lenses 
Cons Large fit design It’s hard to swap the lensesSo difficult to change the lens Only one lens included Old design, cylindrical shape lens
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Final Thoughts 

The Dragon NFX goggles have a solid build and good performance, making them ideal for snow sliders with more prominent faces who want to stand out on the mountain. You get two quality lenses at this price, which increases your bang per buck even more. These are stylish goggles that won’t break your bank account either, so they should be recognized as such by all future converts in need of some new gear – buy now before these sell out.

Dragon NFX  Price Comparison


Seller  Price 
Backcountry  $
REI Co-op $
Amazon  $109.95

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