The new Dragon NFX2 was the goggle that started frameless glasses years ago, and its latest version brings back unique technology with their Swiftlock lens change system. It also features an updated cylindrical-shaped glass for better optics than ever before. In this Dragon NFX2 review we will discuss the comfort, lens shape, quality, ventilation, ease of changing lense and fogging of this snow goggle. 

Our Verdict

The new NFX2 model is geared toward the youth rider aesthetic. The lens shape of these goggles, like its predecessor, does not have any frame or sides on them because they are meant to be lightweight and portable. Therefore, it is safer for children who might lose their helmets when skiing/snowboarding. Also, suppose there was something around their eyes preventing them from seeing what’s happening around themselves in front, unlike some other models out there where you can’t see anything outside due to just using lenses without obstructionism. 

The easy-to-change lens system makes the NFX2 a favorite among riders. With two levers on each side of your frame, you can quickly release and replace lenses with ease no matter how cold it gets outside or if there’s snowfall coming down. Your goggle also comes equipped with an extra low light filter so that even at night time, safety remains intact – making this product one tough cookie when paired up correctly.

The frames have specially designed armored venting to keep the snow out and come with Super Anti-Fog coating. This will ensure your vision stays clear and ride down any mountain.

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Technical Details of Dragon NFX2

Frame sizeLarge/Extra-large
Number of lenses included2
Lens Shape Cylindrical
Price$125.96 – $200.00

Pros and Cons of Dragon NFX2

Pros  Cons 
Stylish and comfortable fit  lense is not durable 
Lightweight  Little heavy & bulky 
Great ultrawide field of view 
Awesome lens change system 

Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of Dragon NFX2

The NFX2 is a pair of cylinder goggles with two lenses and an easy change system. It’s similar in design to other models on the market, but not just because it contains these qualities either. In addition, it is available at an affordable price. However- do keep in mind this does come at its expense: reduced rate overall for those who need something more durable or want adjustable straps. The NFX2 model sits between both styles and is frameless like most goggles.

Detailed Review of Dragon NFX2

Lens Shape and Quality

Lens Shape and Quality of Dragon NFX2 Review

The classic, flat-stamped cylindrical lens is back on the Dragon NFX2. Still, this time it’s made from high-quality injection molding, which produces an identical optical quality to premium spherical lenses. So if you love that vintage style of a camera’s focal point being in its middle rather than at either end, then don’t hesitate to get yourself one now.

The NFX2 is the perfect all-inclusive kit for your next dragon adventure. It comes with two top Lumalens lenses and a unique anti-fog inner lens to keep you seeing clearly in any conditions, no matter how harsh they may be.

The frame of the Dragon NFX2 is skinny, which allows it to incorporate the Swiftlock system into its design. This means that while still retaining an aesthetic and field-of-view similar to frameless goggles or vast spectacles with thick lenses on them, this new feature has been integrated seamlessly without compromising any aspect about them.


The NFX2 is an excellent choice for those who want some fun in the snow. It has all of these great features found on more expensive goggles, such as triple-layer foam with hypoallergenic fleece lining that’ll keep your eyes happy – or at least warmer than before.

The Dragon NFX2 is an interesting goggle because it has a single size that fits almost all riders. The oversized fit makes the goggles more versatile and comfortable for those with larger heads than average, but they will still be able to use them just as easily on smaller faces too.


Ventilation of Dragon NFX2 Review

The NFX2 is jam-packed with features and benefits, making the Dragon Vape Xs an attractive option for vapers. For example, the “armored frame ventilation” keeps your vape cool no matter what environment you are in. it also helps to keep them fog-free due to their unique super anti-fog coating.

Ease of Changing Lenses

Like the Dragon X2, you change lenses with a Swiftlock system. However, the lens on this thing is straightforward to swap out, and it’s just like using any other camera!

 So you want to go skiing? First, make sure your goggles are easy and convenient. The Swiftlock system on the Dragon NFX2 frame lets users easily swap out lenses without having to take off their gloves or remove them from the headband.

The new Dragon NFX2 goggle is perfect for those who love to ski and snowboard. It comes with built-in lens-changing technology, making it easy to wear gloves or remove them during a lift ride. In addition, the Swiftlock levers on each side of the frame release your lenses so you can quickly swap out different color schemes at any time without taking off either accessory. It makes this one excellent investment if going up against all types of terrain from powder days in wintertime.

 What sets Swiftlock apart from the competition is its ease of use. Not only does it allow for a specific magnetic lens change, but their proprietary Digital Retention Technology also helps prevent any loss or damage to expensive optics during handloading procedures and storage periods in between uses.  


The plastic mesh or grill placed over the foam on top vents can help protect your lens from impact damage. Unfortunately, old Oakley Airbrakes just had one layer of this material, which quickly wore down and became torn after minimal use- it’s not something you’ll be able to replace quickly.

What We Like of Dragon NFX2

  • Great venting back panel for tough use
  • Offers great efficiency for quick lens swapping
  • Its frameless technology offers a unique stylish design and works well
  • The lenses are coated great which prevents scratches and abrasions

What We Don’t Like of Dragon NFX2

  • Not enough to offer a lateral or peripheral vision for face shapes
  • The lens is not very durable
  • Lenses replacement costs are a little high as compared to others

Compare To Similar Products 

NameAnon M4 ToricSmith I/O MagDragon X2 Smith I/OX ChromapopAnon M3 MFI
Frame sizeLargeMedium LargeMedium/LargeLarge
Number of lenses included22222
Lens ShapeToric/CylindricalSphericalSphericalSphericalCylindrical
ProsMFI face integration, Unique lensesLens change with magnetic tabsWide view, spherical lensComfortable, great view MFI face integration, Unique lenses, sonar lens 
Cons Expensive  Little pricey  Less durable lensDifficult to change the lensLittle bit expensive
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

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Final  Thought

If you’re looking for a goggle with the same outstanding optical quality and Swiftlock lens change technology, then Dragon NFX2 is your favorite goggles. The Dragon NFX2 is an old-school shoe with next-generation technology and performance. It’s so comfortable, and you’ll want one in every color.

Whether you’re a powder hound or an All Mountain go-getter, the new Dragon NFX2 has what your eyes need to see in any situation. In addition, the same technology behind our top-of-line goggles is now available at a more affordable price point with all that same outstanding performance and quality but without breaking out into expensive headgear every season.

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Dragon NFX2 Price Comparison

Seller  Price 
Backcountry  $189.95
REI Co-op $
Amazon  $179

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