If you’re in the market for a new pair of goggles, look no further than Dragon X2. These heavy-weight models offer top performance across every category from their lens change system, which is one among the easiest on-board we’ve seen so far. In this Dragon X2 Review, we will discuss the comfort, lens shape, ventilation, ease of lens changing, durability and value of this snow goggle.

Our Verdict

You may not know the name Dragon, but they make some of the best eyewear on earth. Their NFX lens helped start a craze for frameless snow goggles, and their X2 is an example in its class with optics to rival any goggle out there. The X2 has optics to rival any snow goggle out there – but with frameless construction for added comfort while skiing or boarding.

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Technical Details of Dragon X2


Frame sizeLarge
Number of lenses included2
Lens ShapeSpherical 
Price$131.99 – $270.00

Pros and Cons of Dragon X2

Pros  Cons 
Stylish and comfortable fit  lense are not durable 
Lightweight  Little heavy & bulky 
Great ultrawide field of view 
Awesome lense change system 


Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of Dragon X2

If you’re looking for a goggle that will keep your eyes safe while also making sure they look good, then the Dragon X2 might be just what you need. This frameless and spherical lens provides unparalleled visibility in all conditions. In addition, its optics are made from high-quality materials like scratch-resistant stainless steel or anti-fog treated glass to ensure clear viewing no matter how rough things get.

Detailed Review of Dragon X2

Lens Shape and Quality

Lens Shape and Quality Dragon X2 Review

The Dragon X2 ships with two pairs of Lumalens lenses. The Lumalens lens is a game-changer for anyone that foggy glasses have ever let down. It will change your life because now you can see things as if they were in perfect clarity without any distortion or blur from the occasional misty day when it comes to lenses and their performance across different light conditions. This one does an excellent job optimizing clarity based on what type of weather we’re experiencing right now.

The tightening of the lens provides a distortion-free view and anti-fog treatment to keep your eyes protected against any pesky vapor.

The Spherical Lumalens is great for those who enjoy quality optics without having their vision undergo unnecessary strain.

However, this is a minor drawback considering its other features, such as scratch-resistant glass and anti-reflective coating.


The Dragon X2s is a medium-sized goggle with great features to keep it comfortable for riders of all faces. In addition, the larger version retains the width and field view provided by its predecessor while making sure that you can still see what’s happening in front without having too much interference or distortion under your helmet – perfect when skiing risks off-piste.

The frame is cushioned with three layers of foam, making it super comfortable to wear and fit. Plus, the hypoallergenic fleece lining will keep your skin feeling fantastic.


Ventilation Dragon X2 Review

The new Dragon X2 has an innovative ventilation system that provides enough breathability to keep you cool and dry without feeling too exposed. The unidirectional airflow also works in perfect harmony with its super anti-fog coating, so users can enjoy clear vision no matter what the weather throws at them.

The Dragon X2 has all of the features you need for any situation with its “armoured frame ventilation” that keeps it fog-free, no matter what climate or weather condition there may be at hand.

Ease of Changing Lenses

With its quick and painless lens change system, the Dragon X2 is one of the most versatile goggles on today’s market. In addition, the Swiftlock lever system allows you to remove your shades without taking off whatever protective gear or garments are currently being worn while wearing them, which makes this product an easy choice for anyone looking into investing in some new eye protection.

If you are looking for a great ski and snowboard goggle that will allow easy swapping on the chairlift, then the Dragon X2’s Swiftlock system might make it your best choice. This was one of only two non-magnetic lens change systems to come close in terms of ease-of-use offered by magnetic systems such as Smith I/O Mag or Anon M4 Toric goggles.

The X2s Finally Large Goggles For The Smaller Face

The X2s are smaller than the original model, but they still provide a fantastic HD peripheral view for people with smaller faces. In addition, the headset feels comfortable and easy to wear, thanks in part because it has stretchy silicone straps, which make adjustments quick & straightforward.

The Swiftlock System

With its quick and easy lens change system, you’ll never have to worry about getting dirty or damaged lenses again. Flip the switch on this side for unlocking, then pop out your old ones before popping in a new set. It’s that simple-peasy.


The Dragon X2 goggle’s manufacturing process is impressive. They have a flexible but rigid polyurethane construction to withstand the coldest days, making them perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities like snowshoeing or backpacking through wintery landscapes.

Works Well With Helmets

Nothing’s worse than having an uncomfortable gap between your helmet and goggles. The cold air can give you the equivalent of an ice cream headache. Thankfully, Dragon made sure. They fit snuggly against each other without any space next to one another at all. Thanks for its design which also prevents fogging up during those chilly days out on trails or runs as long there aren’t too many twists and turns involved along the way either.

LumaLens For Almost All Conditions

The lenses that come with the Dragon goggles provide a high level of clarity, which we call Luma lens technology. It’s like having HDTV in your eyes. The clear vision makes it easier to see all undulations on snow surfaces and reduce eye fatigue when skiing or riding during sunny conditions because more light comes through them than regular sunglasses would allow for proper viewing distance without any distortion from millennia-old trees blocking some rays before they reach us here at earth’s surface.

What’s more, the lenses are made to filter out certain types of light so that you can see all those undulations on a snow surface as well as reduce eye fatigue. We noticed this type was much better at covering various conditions than full-on sunny or storm-specific ones.

Great Goggle Case

With the Dragon X2 snow goggle, there is more than just one differentiator. The soft fleece case comes with maybe classic and helps store your goggles when not in use or if they get wet during the winter season. It also has some extra features that set this product apart from competitors, such as beefy lycra carrying a pouch equipped with magnets to keep everything closed tightly; spot-on can accommodate up to two lenses at once. So while these aren’t necessarily game-changers – things should always have adequate attention given.

What We Like of Dragon X2

  • Great quick lens change system
  • Clear field of vision  with crisp and high-contrast abilities
  • Air vents can prevent lenses from fogging
  • Lumalens offers great clarity on dim and low-light days.

What We Don’t Like of Dragon X2

  • A little expensive price, which may be unaffordable to some buyers

Compare to Similar Products

NameAnon M4 ToricSmith I/O MagDragon X2Smith I/OX ChromapopAnon M3 MFI
Frame sizeLargeMedium LargeMedium/LargeLarge
Number of lenses included22222
Lens ShapeToric/CylindricalSphericalSphericalSphericalCylindrical
ProsMFI face integration, Unique lensesLens change with magnetic tabsWide view, spherical lensComfortable, great view MFI face integration, Unique lenses, sonar lens 
Cons Expensive Little pricey Less durable lensDifficult to change the lensLittle bit expensive
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Final Thoughts

The Bottom Line Dragon X2 Review

The Dragon X2 is a premium ski and snowboard goggle that offers exceptionally high performance in every category. It features an easy-to-use lens change system with two sets of ultra-high quality spherical lumens for only a $132-200 price tag. The Dragon also provides excellent value as it shaves seconds off your time on the mountain. Thanks to its lightweight frame design, which weighs less than most goggles twice this size while still performing at the top level.

Dragon X2 Price Comparison

Seller  Price 
Backcountry  $219.95
REI Co-op $
Amazon  $219.95

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