The GoRuck GR1 is designed to be comfortable – with a padded waist belt and adjustable shoulder straps. It’s a flexible pack that moves with you. This GoRuck GR1 Review will discuss the comfort, material, durability, storage, organization, weight, value, and other additional features of the backpack.

Our Verdict

The GoRuck GR1 offers plenty of space for your everyday carry needs. The main compartment can hold up to a 16″ laptop. It’s solid, and no worries there. There are molle straps outside on the fabric with an elasticized pocket inside. It hel[ps you immediately put all your travel essentials in one place. Of course, we check first before digging through everything else, just searching patiently; sometimes, we forget what we put away last time until it’s too late.

The GoRuck GR1 is an excellent bag that can hold all your gear. The bladder pocket means you don’t have to stop for water on those hot days, while the hose hole will come in handy if there’s ever a forest fire.


GoRuck GR1 Review

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Technical Details of GoRuck GR1

Capacity26 l

(21L also available)
Weight (lb)3.20 lb
Dimensions20 x 12 x 6.75”
Notable MaterialsCORDURA® Nylon, YKK Zippers, Paracord, Duraflex Hardware
Price $265

Pros and Cons of GoRuk GR1

Pros  Cons 
Highly durable with an amazing warranty The high price may not be justifiable for all
Minimal look and functional features The harness system has a break-in period
Great quality materials and craftsmanship Heavy compared to other similar-sized packs

Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of GoRuck GR1

GoRuck GR1 is the best travel backpack suitable for every traveler. The main compartment of the bag is large and well organized. It can hold 16 inches laptop safely. MOLE staps and flexible zippers pockets can hold your small travel items perfectly. The GoRuck GR1 comes with a water-resistant rain cover and an attached hydration reservoir.

The hydration bladder and the hose hole are excellent additions to this backpack that keeps you hydrated during travel. In short, GRuck GR1 is suitable for all types of travel, whether you are at your workplace or plane to see the mountains.

Detailed Review of GoRuck GR1


The GoRuck GR1 is a simple backpack with two well-padded straps. It does not have any chest or hip belts, but it’s unnecessary to carry enough weight for most EDC packs, where having one would be an issue anyway. 

The rigid back panel spreads the load onto your shoulders, making this pack highly comfortable. In addition, the fixed back panel distributes weight evenly across the shoulders while staying away from sensitive areas like hips, where most other packs rub against harshly without padding behind them. 

In addition, there is no chest strap, so it won’t be dragging along the ground during movement – making this one sleek-looking bag.

Comfort of GoRUCK GR 1 Review

Material and Durability

The durability of the GORUCK backpack is one of its key selling points. The company boasts that its products are tough and can withstand some rigorous use. For example, the laptop sleeve is bombproof or an interior lined in 1000D Cordura fabric. It keeps your items safe from dirt getting inside through other areas without protection, such as pockets where crumbs may accumulate over time (notably on airplanes). Weigh of the bag is 3 pounds for 26L versions and 2 lbs each smaller than this size limit. In addition, both packs come equipped with protective padding at the bottom, which helps distribute weight when you carry it around all day long.

The main compartment and front pocket’s zippers are protected by a flap that keeps them dry, but the laptop sleeve doesn’t have any water resistance. However, it does not feature TPU coating or truly waterproofing like other backpacks on this list do, which makes me inclined to say your bag might struggle if you plan on using it in prolonged rain conditions.

Material and Durability of GoRUCK GR 1 Review

The GORUCK construction is designed for rough environments. Its stitching will withstand even the most demanding conditions, and its durability makes this bag feel like it can take anything that comes at you without breaking down in tears or falling apart on command.

Storage and Organization

The GR1 has a whole clamshell opening, which is great if you’re using it for travel. The Interior of the GR1 is well organized. We noticed there is no dig deep to find your essential travel items during our test. Moreover, you can lightly pack the backpack with packing cubes. We tried to load the bag with packing cubes, and there was still room left over. The main compartment of this product works brilliantly well at storing all sorts of stuff efficiently while simultaneously fitting into small spaces – making carrying your belongings around less tricky than usual.

Storage and Organization of GoRUCK GR 1 Reviews

Our experts appreciated the size of the bag, as it easily accommodates everything they need to bring with them.


How do you pack for a big trip? We usually start with an underwear and t-shirt collection, throw in some comfortable clothes like jeans or pants to make sure nothing feels tight against my skin. Toiletries are a must! And don’t forget those little things that might come up on short notice: laptop charger cord (or multiple cords depending on what devices we’re taking), phone chargers if needed – have them ready, so they’ll be there when we need them most.

Storage and Organization of GoRUCK GR 1 Review

On the back wall of the main compartment is:

  •  A huge elastic strap — ideal for tablets or laptops.
  •  You can attach pouches or small organizers or directly clip things like pens and a pocket knife (be careful when taking your tablet out not to scratch it against things clipped to the webbing) with three rows of MOLLE webbing across the top.

On the front wall of the main compartment is:

  •  There’s a nice big zipped mesh pocket on the front of this bag that runs down the length of it and is about 11″ (28 cm) deep. Place your charger or other more oversized items in there.
  •  The bag has a small front zipped pocket (6″ deep) and another larger zipped pocket at the top (9″ deep). Here, smaller objects that would get lost in the more oversized zipped compartment or central cavity may be stored.

 The top of the main compartment also has a port for your hydration tube. The water goes in with Velcro, and when you’re done with it, roll up or Velcro closed.

The GR1 features a dedicated laptop sleeve that unzips along two edges to ease access. In addition, this sturdy, bombproof bag is made with reinforced padding on both sides. Finally, it has an extra false bottom inside to protect your computer during transport—more robust protection than necessary in everyday use or travelling.

The laptop sleeve is a great place to store your computer, and it can hold up to 16″ laptops. However, the laptop sleeve is frequently the most complained-about feature of any carrying case. It’s significant in length and width, but it’s also tight enough that if your laptop has an extra thick screen, then you might experience some discomfort when strapping on this bag for transport or use during class hours at school. The biggest drawback about using a padded shoulder strap design like these with zippers running under them? Whenever accessing one side (the inside), there will always be straps pushing aside whatever goods are being stored which could make things difficult while trying not to lose anything important inside tangled up together as well!

 External pocket

On the front face of this bag is an 11.5″ x 12.5″ dump pocket that’s perfect for carrying bulky items like jackets or books, but it won’t compress too much because there isn’t a firm shell to keep things in shape.

The spacious main compartment can handle everything you need on your travels without feeling jammed full thanks to its lightweight frame, which provides just enough rigidity when needed most.

External MOLLE webbing — The GR1 can hold your gear with its MOLLE webbing and many attachment points on the straps. The bottom two rows are perfect for grabbing water bottles while you’re out exploring or just sitting around camp during lunch break. 

Additional features of GoRuck GR 1

The GR1 is a lightweight and straightforward bag. The internal frame sheet protects your items from the wear of travel. It also provides support for those long hours in transit. There’s an easy-to-“grab” handle at the top as well.

Taking a break from the metal jingling, GR1 is equipped with heat-shrunk paracord pulls that you can use to control your zipper. This way, it won’t be so loud and ruin what little peace there might have been in life before purchasing this backpack!


Is the GoRuck GR1 backpack too expensive? There are plenty of options that will suit your needs when it comes to bags. However, if you’re looking for one with limited organization and features at $265 or 26L, then this might not be what’s right for you.

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Other Version of GR1

In 2019, GORUCK made a surprising move to take advantage of Vietnam’s manufacturing capabilities and cut costs. But, in America or not, their quality is excellent so that it won’t be hard for them.

Fitting 21L version here: The GR1 is one of the company’s staple products – it comes with two different size options (21L & 26), but both versions function in much the same way, just varying dimensions. 

The GORUCK GR1 bag has a boxy design but looks too bulky. However, the colors are sleek, and there’s plenty of room for everyday items or camping supplies that you need on hand at all times! You can get this pack in any color combo – mine is the urban grey shade- because it includes velcro patches to personalize your gear, depending on what kind of style fits best with whatever else might be in store during each adventure.

What We Like about GoRuck GR1

  • It has the unquestioned build quality and a bombproof, indestructible feel.
  • However, whereas the Chinese-made version is more expensive and lacks the same quality, the Vietnamese one is a bit less costly without sacrificing any excellence.
  • The zippers are calm, and the pulls are basic and easy to operate.
  • There is just the correct amount of organization included, and it’s easy to add to it.
  • The laptop compartment is well-protected against scratches and scuffs.

 What We Don’t Like about GoRuck GR1

  • The straps and suspension are as hard as rocks throughout the breaking-in period.
  • The laptop compartment is well-protected, but getting behind the straps may be difficult.
  • The zippers’ rain flaps, especially those around the corners, might cause problems.
  •  The rear slash pocket becomes difficult to use when the main compartment is packed out.

Compare to Similar Products 

Name Osprey Daylite PlusPeak Design Everyday Backpack Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack Tom Bihn Synapse
Weight 1lbs4.43lbs 2.8lbs1.7lbs2lbs
Dimension 18 x 10 x 9”18 x 3 x 7”20.25 x 10 x 8.75”18 x 11 x 5”20 x 13.4 x 9.1”
ProsLarge storage, great comfort fitDurable, comfortable fitStorage both laptop or tablet, durable buildAffordable, great storageUnique design, waterproof zippers
Cons  Not for office useHeavy-weightLimited storageUncomfort shoulder straps Mounted-hydration 
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a backpack that will be your new favorite travel companion, look no further than the GoRuck GR1. This 21 or 26 litres tactical nylon rucksack has limited organization and features, but its price tag may make it seem steep at first glance (though if used as an everyday bag rather than just traveling with this bad boy, it won’t come close to maxing out on storage). The great thing about them is they’re not made of lightweight fabric, so finding one means investing in durable materials like 1000D Nylon, which can stand up against wear-and-tear surprisingly well over time!

GORUCK GR 1 Price Comparison

Seller  Price 
Backcountry  Check Price
REI Co-op Check Price
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