How to clean your best backpack? Should you clean it after every hike? These are general questions that we receive from our readers. This post will provide you with a complete guide about cleaning your backpack.

You can clean your backpack in several ways, depending on the material its made from. For example, if you’re using nylon, you don’t need to wash it too frequently. On the other hand, if you’ve got leather, you might want to give it a thorough cleaning once a week.

This guide tells you exactly how to clean your best backpack in the washing machine or by hand.

Types of Cleaning Backpack

Following are the three types of cleaning your favorite backpack.

  1. Dry Cleaning
  2. Machine Wash
  3. Hand Wash

1. Dry Cleaning

If you want to clean your backpack, you can use dry cleaning. It is one of the best methods to clean your backpack. It works well for most fabrics, but not all. For example, polyester backpacks can be cleaned with this method. However, if you have a nylon backpack, you should avoid this method because it could damage your bag.

2. Machine Wash

Another option is to wash your backpack with a washing machine. Just put it in with some detergent and let the cycle run. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before washing it.

3. Hand Wash

Best Travel Backpacks are not only durable, but they are also easy to carry around. And if your backpack catches dirt, you can, therefore, give it the perfect regular hand washing depending on the making material.

 Several different materials can be used to make a backpack. One of the most common is canvas, which is a fabric that can be made into various designs and styles. Other materials that can make a backpack include leather, suede, nylon, and polyester. The material you choose depends on the type of backpack you are making and the type of clothing in the backpack.

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Detailed Guide: How to Clean Your Best Backpack

Following is a detailed guide on how to clean your backpack with a washing machine and clean your backpack by hand.

1. How to Wash Your Best Backpack in a Washing Machine

Important Note: There are many types of backpacks, and some are machine washable. Always check the label before washing it.

Following are the six steps to clean a backpack in a washing machine.

Empty your backpack

First of all, empty your backpack. Open all the pockets and unzip them. Check all the small pockets and remove dirt from them. If your backpack has a metal frame, remove it before washing.

Check your backpack is fit for machine wash.

Please read the label instruction before washing it in the machine. In addition, you should check that your backpack is fit in machine wash and has enough space to move around.

Put your backpack in a laundry bag.

It is better to put your bag in a laundry bag to prevent damage to the straps or getting caught in the washing machine. If you don’t have a laundry bag, you can use a pillowcase and put the backpack inside.

Use fragrance and dye-free detergent

Use a small amount of gentle detergent that is suitable for backpacks. Make sure you are using a detergent suitable for backpack use and is fragrance and dye-free.

Wash your backpack on a cold water

 Wash the backpack on a gentle cycle in cold water. It will keep the fabric soft and will last longer.

Dry it in the open air

Take the backpack off the laundry bag and leave it to dry naturally. Try to hang the bag in the open air and make sure it should be 100% dry before storing it. 

2- How to Clean Your Best Backpack by Hand

If your backpack is not suitable for machine wash, clean it with hand wash. Following are the simple steps to clean your backpack by hand.

How to clean your best backpack by hand

Empty the Backpack

Make sure you empty your backpack. Then, use a hand vacuum to clean the inside of your best hiking backpack. Don’tDon’t zip back the pockets.

Prepare the Backpack for Washing

Use a vacuum to remove the loose dirt particles from the exterior. Once done, use a damp rag to wipe off the interior lightly; this gets off a more significant chunk of dirt and keeps your cleaning waterless dirty.

Remove the Detachable Pockets and Straps

Remove the detachable pockets and straps. Wash them independently.

Read the Instruction on the Backpack

If you check the label, you will follow the care instructions. This will help your backpack last longer since you will be washing it so that it won’t damage it up.

Remove Stains First

Use a stain removing detergent that targets the dirtiest parts. Next, use a brush to scrub off any loose stains. An old toothbrush will do a great job when it comes to this.

Set Lukewarm Water

You will need a basin, bathtub, or sink to wash your backpack. You need to ensure that you have enough room to wash every section of your backpack. Wash your backpack in a sink, basin, or bathtub filled with lukewarm water.

Use an Ideal Detergent

Check the label to see if it’s okay to add a mild detergent, wash with water only, or add saturated detergent.

Read the Label

Read the label before washing. The label will tell you whether you can use the product with a regular washing machine, with a mild detergent, or with a saturated detergent.

Scrub with Brush

To clean your backpack, use a brush with soft bristles to scrub your backpack until loose stains are entirely removed. Then, rinse your backpack well and hang out to drip water and dry up before folding and storing.

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Can You Put a Backpack in the Dryer?

Always dry your backpack before putting it away. Never put it in a dryer or leave it in a hot car. Hanging it upside down will help prevent any water from sitting in the pockets or corners.

 Allow it to dry naturally, away from any direct sources of heat. Hanging your backpack upside down can help ensure that no water is left sitting in the pockets or corners of the bag. Always make sure the backpack is completely dry before storing it away.

Essential Product to Keep Your Backpack Clean

Following products can prevent your bag from frequent washing. These products will help you keep your bag fresh, preventing the need for frequent washing.

Backpack Covers

Backpack covers are great for keeping your bag or backpack dry from the rain, which can cause mold to build up if it isn’t dried correctly.

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Backpack Liners

This is a handy way to stop any spillages or wet items from damaging your bag or making it smell.

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Important Backpack Care Tips

Following are some backpack care tips that can increase the life span of your backpack.

Keep Water Out

Backpacks can quickly become moldy if they get wet and are not dried properly before storing or using again. Rucksack Covers are a great way to keep the rain off your bag and keep its contents dry.

 Pack Sensibly

Be careful when packing items for your travel bag. It’s essential to avoid packing sharp objects, such as knives, in your bag.

A packer may want to protect the bag from damage by packing the contents tightly against other objects. The packer should also be careful not to pack the contents within softer objects, like clothing, that may puncture the bag.

Treat it Well

A backpack is a valuable and essential item for any backpacker. You can take them in the mountains, the desert, or even on a long hike. First, however, you should know a few things about your backpack before you leave for any journey. 

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Final Thoughts

Do we hope you will get a clear answer on how to clean your best backpack? First, you must determine if you can maintain the cleanliness of your Best Travel Backpacks before you spend your money on a backpack. Then, the label should give you a clear indication of how to keep your backpack clean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backpack Cleaning

Q: What is the best way to clean a backpack?

Answer: There are three different ways to clean a backpack: dry cleaning, machine washing, and hand wash. It would help if you read the instruction on the backpack label first and then wash according to the suitable method for your backpack.

Q: Can I put a backpack in a washing machine?

Answer: yes, you can put the backpack in a washing machine. But not all backpacks are suitable for machine wash. So firstly, you should read the instruction for the backpack. If the manufacturer allows it for machine wash, then go for it.