Do you want to know how to protect your Luggage from damage? If Yes, you will find the best 11 ways to protect your Luggage during any traveling activities.

There are so many activities involved in traveling, and you are not aware of the breakage of Luggage. If your Luggage is new, you probably did not think about saving it from breaking.

Below, we wrote 11 tips to help you protect your Luggage. These tips not only preserve your Luggage from damage but also keep it new and save the inside things damage-free.

11 Tips on How to Protect your Luggage From Damage

following are the 11 tip to protect your luggage from damage.

  1. Paste the fragile sticker on your luggage
  2. Zip up your toiletries
  3. Carry duct tape
  4. Decorate your bag
  5. Luggage: generic simple
  6. Decorate your bag
  7. Wrap it with plastic
  8. Buy the same luggage
  9. Choose the right bag
  10. Minimize your luggage
  11. Send your luggage separately
  12. Take a photo of your luggage

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No 1. Paste fragile sticker on your luggage

If you have fragile products in your bag, you should ask for a fragile sticker while checking in your bag. Sometimes we put breakable items in our Luggage that can be broken while throwing the Luggage. So if you have fragile items in your Luggage, paste a fragile sticker on it.

After pasting a fragile sticker, we cannot guarantee that the team will carefully handle your Luggage. Still, the chance of care increases 80% while pasting the sticker on it because it increases the particular intention toward your Luggage.

Here the question arises: If we paste the fragile sticker on it, why did the team not handle it carefully? Because sometimes there is a short time and unit is working in pressure.

So these are the reasons that the Luggage could be miss-handled. If you have a fragile sticker on your Luggage, the chances will be increased to handle it carefully and keep your luggage damage-free.

No 2. Zip up your toiletries

There are two types of travelers. The first one is those who always zip up and organize their travel items. But, on the other hand, the second type of traveler forgets to tie up their travel essentials.

It’s better to zip up the travel items in travel organizers. We recommend that travel organizers save your less disposable and permanent things.

These types of travel organizers keep your Luggage safe from any leakage of shampoo and perfume. To avoid this type of risk, you should place all your toiletries in the bag, zip them up, and put them in a safe place.

If there is any damage, it will spill into the travel organizers. However, it will not damage the other items in your Luggage.

No 3. Carry duct tape

Duct tape plays a vital role in protecting your Luggage. Most frequent travelers carry duct tape with them because they know its importance.

You should not wry if there is no zipper or a hole in a bag because duct tape can seal up your Luggage and safely carry it to the destination.

However, it is a short-term solution to fix your bag, but it prevents the Luggage from further damage.  

No 4. Luggage should be generic and simple 

Fancy-looking luggage is always attractive and eye-catching to everyone. However, it is not wise to buy fancy Luggage because they are high risk. We analyze that the fancy Luggage is not durable during our testing while checking in. Moreover, they attract thieves toward your Luggage.

The generic and straightforward suitcases are not attractive, but they are durable and can easily carry your valuable items. Moreover, simple Luggage protects your valuable items from thieves. Because lose of Luggage is a massive loss for your items and money.

Always buy generic and straightforward Luggage that is durable and cannot attract thieves.

No 5. Decorate your bag

Decorating your bag makes it uniquely beautiful and protects your Luggage from damage. Tying a scarf on your Luggage is the best thing because it individualizes your bag.

Sometimes there are similar bags on Luggage Carousel, so a scarf or anything on your Luggage makes it unique and different from others. Moreover, it protects your Luggage from thieves looking for generic Luggage. So tying up a scarf on your Luggage can save all the risks toward your Luggage.

No 6. Wrap it with plastic

Did we find a common question during our research can I plastic wrap my Luggage? Yes, you can use plastic wrap in your Luggage to prevent the bags from being damaged.

Most airports provide free service to wrap up your Luggage because plastic wrapping can save it from dirt and scratches.

Multiple workers at the airport handle your Luggage. So wrapping Plastic on your Luggage protects it from the veil eyes of some workers. Because in this way, no one can open and steal your valuable items from your Luggage.

Chances of any item stolen can 100% be reduced while wrapping your Luggage with Plastic.

No 7. Buy the same luggage

If you are traveling with your partner or family, try to buy the same Luggage. Luggage sets are beneficial in this case because you can place the Luggage together, which will reduce the risk of damage.

See the best luggage sets for families 2022 in our travel gear guide.

No 8. Choose the right bag

Always choose the right suitcase for your traveling. Buy the Luggage according to your travel objective. Some stylish luggage is not suitable to carry travel items. Hardshell luggage has no flexibility. You cannot put heavy things in it because the inner pressure can break the outer shell.

Hardshell luggage can be cracked in winter and cannot adjust in a small place. On the other hand, soft Luggage is more suitable for traveling. They can easily accommodate your travel items, but they will damage your Luggage if you do not place your valuables correctly.

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No 9. Minimize your luggage

Try to minimize your Luggage during traveling. Because if you carry a less number of items, then there are fewer chances to damage your valuable items.

Workers at the airport mishandled the heavy Luggage. So minimizing Luggage can reduce the risk of luggage damage.

No 10. Send your luggage separately

If you have many travel items, it is better to send Luggage separately through any shipment company.

These delivery companies can pack up your items in different places and carry them to guarantee any damage.

Friends and family members can receive these types of Luggage.

No 11. Take a photo of your luggage

It is an excellent idea to take a photo of your Luggage. It is beneficial if some items are missing during your traveling. Picture of your Luggage can help the staff to search it.

Final Thoughts

We hope that now you will answer how to protect your Luggage from damage. By following the steps mentioned above, you can save your Luggage from damage and increase the life span of your Luggage. Moreover, it is helpful to secure the inside items of your Luggage.

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