In 2021, the Oakley Line Miner Prizm ski and snowboard goggles were a strong contender for being one of the best bangs you’ll get for your buck. This Oakley Line Minor Prizm Review will discuss the lens shape, quality, comfort, ventilation, lense change system other features of this ski goggle.

Our verdict

Oakley is a company that specializes in producing quality sunglasses for any occasion. They make glasses to suit your every need, whether it be lounging on the beach or engaging in some extreme sports like snowboarding down mountainsides with just one lens.

The company makes great products to keep you safe while out in the world, whether it be at your local beach or on some of Earth’s most extreme sports like surfing tall waves.

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Technical Details of Oakley Line Miner Prizm

Frame SizeMedium / Large
Number of lenses included1
Lens ShapeCylindrical
Price$96.00 – $160.00

Pros and Cons of Oakley Line Miner Prizm

Pros  Cons 
High-quality lens  Only come with 1 lens 
Great molded cylindrical lens 
Available in 2 sizes

Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of Oakley Line Minor Prizm

Oakley makes some of the best eyewear for just about any activity, from lounging on the beach to pursuing extreme sports in conditions. Unfortunately, Oakley also has an annoying reputation for making expensive products because of their famous O logo. But don’t worry; there is one cheap ski and snowboard pair you can get without feeling guilty.

Detailed Analysis of Oakley Line Minor Prizm

How Do They Look?

The goggles are designed with a cylindrical frame to sit incredibly close to your face so that you can’t see the plastic vignette in front of your eyes. Of course, the tighter they fit around them makes me look away from anything, but it’ll be hard not to notice any distractions.

The matte black finish on these frames gives them much-needed elegance– something not seen often outside high-end eyewear stores nowadays.

Lens Shape and Quality

Lens Shape and Quality of Okley Minor Prizm Review

Oakley is among the best in making cylindrical lenses that perform like spherical ones, and the Line Miner Prizm has proven itself as an excellent example. The injection molding process makes for a distortion-free lens that only slightly trails its more expensive counterparts in performance by being just barely not worth mentioning compared with them – but doesn’t worry because if you want something perfect, this will do!

 The Oakley Line Miner Prizm lens is the perfect choice for those who want their shades to be as tough and durable as they are. It features an F3 anti-fog coating, which blocks shooting stars while keeping your eyes protected from those summertime glare factors out there. So again, Top-of-line mid-priced tech has made its way into this affordable price range.

 The Smith Squad XL takes the top spot for our best goggle pick of 2021. It has two Chromapop lenses and an edge on Line Miner Prizm overall, but we would like to see more choices in color options when it comes down to getting these cheap goggles.


The Oakley Line Miner takes a page out of the premium Oakley ski and snowboard goggles, using three layers for protection.

The first layer is made up entirely of their Airbrake line, which has been softened with neoprene to provide comfort while still providing complete impact absorption if you take an unfortunate fall onto your nose or cheekbone.

Next, something called Soft Gradient Laminate (SG) provides additional cushioning against hard surfaces like pavement-plus. This material also helps reduce glare by 95%.

The Line Miner also comes in an XM variant for riders with smaller/narrower faces. These styles will help accommodate the needs of your face and make you look like a pro.


TheLine Miner Prizm doesn’t compete with the best of what’s out there, but it does have its place. It is a pretty warm goggle and works well for riding in more excellent, or dryer conditions than other products might be better suited to handle.

Ease of Changing Lenses

The Line Miner Prizm may be an excellent goggle for those who don’t change lenses often or need quick access to their favorite frame. But if you are in the habit of removing your gear, this might not work out so well since accessing replacement parts requires some planning ahead.

The Oakley line miner is an affordable pair with attractive features like an anti-fog coating, making them perfect for winter sports enthusiasts whether they’re on skis or snowboards. The drawback here could lie in how quickly it takes users unfamiliar with these goggles to remove and install their lens, especially against similarly priced competitors such as Smith.

 You’ll need to be a little handsy with those Oakley lenses. There are some benefits. However, we found that changing our goggles between runs was easy and quick when compared against other goggles in this price range or higher-end models.

How Do They Enhance Vision? – Prizm Tech

The Line Miner is one of the more comfortable fits in Oakley’s expansive range, and it has a style that matches. However, what makes this goggle so great for me would be PRIZM lens technology because our testers felt like they transcend all other considerations to give a fantastic view while wearing them.

The difference in clarity and contrast between PRIZM lenses and the competition is not just another marketing spiel. At the same time, many competitors are getting closer. The F3 anti-fog coating is exceptional! It couldn’t fog them up even for a few seconds.

You know that feeling when you’re wearing your Oakley goggles, and the fog won’t go away? Well, there’s a new technology coming for those who are tired of wiping them clean every 20 minutes. PRIZM Inferno Tech is what they have been waiting on. This battery-powered heating module slips onto any frame with no problem. It automatically defogs when some moisture starts forming around its lens or if things get too chilly outside.

When it comes to exchanging lenses, Oakley’s Ridgelock Technology may not be the quickest method on the market. However, after some practice and with proper technique. 

 In addition, the robust frame design makes even wearing them feel comfortable, which made me at ease during my trial run today.

The ridgelock tech of the Line Miner is perhaps a little easier to deal with than its rimless counterparts. You won’t rack up as many fingerprints on your lens either, making for an altogether more pleasant experience when using this type of reel.

secure lock is an excellent option for those who don’t want to worry about their goggles popping off unless they remove them or misplace the safety.

What We Like of Oakley Line Miner Prizm

  • Lenses are great durable and offer high-quality vision
  • Great anti-fog coating lenses prevent lenses from fogg
  • They offer 2 sizes than the others

What We Don’t Like Oakley Line Miner Prizm

  • The bad thing only comes with one lens
  • lenses are not mirrored

Compare to Similar Products 

Name Anon M4 ToricSmith I/O MagDragon X2Smith I/OX ChromapopAnon M3 MFI
Frame SizeLargeMediumLarge/MediumLargeLarge
Number of lenses included22222
Lens ShapeCylindricalSphericalSphericalSphericalCylindrical
StyleFramedFrame lessFrame lessSemi-frame lessFramed
ProsMFI face integration, Unique lensesLens change with magnetic tabsWide view, spherical lensComfortable, great view MFI face integration, Unique lenses, sonar lens 
ConsExpensivePricey Lense are not durable Difficult to change the lensA little bit expensive 
Price Check priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Final Thought


Overall, the Oakley Line Miner Prizm is a great ski and snowboard goggle. However, with an MSRP of $160, it falls just short compared with Smith Squad XL glasses which come in at around 15% cheaper than their competition. Still, it delivers comfortability and vision protection by providing two lenses instead of one lens for those who need them most. In addition, we felt that these less expensive goggles had some perks like slightly better ventilation or more easily changeable lenses.

Oakley Line Minor Prizm Price Comparison

Seller  Price 
Backcountry  $124.00 – $164.00
REI Co-op $
Amazon  Check Price

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