The Osprey Talon 22 is the best daypack because of its incredible blend of comfort, versatility, and ease of use. Our experts have put it through all sorts of conditions who found it excellent for any situation. This Osprey Talon 22 Review will discuss the comfort, versatility, ease of use, weight, pockets, organization, material, durability, fitting and value of the backpack. 

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Our Verdict

The Osprey Talon 22 excels at the light and fast adventures, with exceptional ventilation to keep you cool on hot days or warm up quickly when it’s chilly outside. We also love how easily adjustable fits allow this pack to fit any need from carrying water bottles out for an afternoon run. In addition, it comes equipped with clips. All way through trekking backcountry trails without hindering movement like some other models might do. AirScape design allows airflow freely across your back while keeping things comfortable against the skin, so there’ll be less chance of overheating.

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Technical Details Osprey Talon 22

Volume (liters) 22 L
Measured Weight (ounces) 870 g | 30.7 oz
Back Construction Vented, contoured
Hipbelt Broad, padded, with pockets
Number of pockets 10
Materials Nylon
Price $130

Pros and Cons of Osprey Talon 22

Pros  Cons 
Very comfortable Little small size 
Easy to adjustable  Mesh pockets are small 
Lots of features  Heavy weight
Well ventilated 

Are You in Hurry? Here is a Quick Review of Osprey Talon 22

The Osprey Talon is the most popular daypack on trails. And there are many reasons for its popularity. It’s durable and versatile. It’s light, has a great fit, comes in various sizes and bright colors, and costs a reasonable amount. In addition, the adjustable suspension and high carrying capacity of the Osprey Talon 22 make it a comfortable, feature-packed backpack for day hikes, bike commutes, and short trips. We detail our experiences with the Talon 22 below.

Detailed Review of Osprey Talon 22

Following is the detailed review of Osprey Talon 22. Our experts analyzed this backpack according to its comfort, weight, versatility, ease of use, pocket & organization, fitting, size, sustainability and value.


Osprey packs are known for their great suspension systems and comfort. The back panel of the Ospreys Talon 22 has been updated with AirScape’s new design, which prevents curving when you’re carrying both your water bottle as well as a full bladder in one place. While they say that air flows through these rear panels quite nicely, we found ourselves feeling cool throughout most hikes due not only to its ventilation but also because our pack didn’t weigh us down too much, so there wasn’t any extra pressure on us those parts of our body.

comfort level of osprey talon 22

The Talon is a lightweight pack loaded with many features to make your life easier. Its comfortable suspension and stable hip belt mean that you can carry heavy loads without worrying about them. As a result, weight distribution has become more critical than ever before.

The AirScape mesh ventilation has some great features, but we found that it is lacking compared to other backpacks. However, it does not leave you feeling sweaty or tight at any point during your day-long hike, which is an improvement over the suspended mesh designs of our past tests.

The flexible Talon pack not only provides a better range of motion but is also comfortable for all-day activities. The mesh back panel and hip belt allow you to move without feeling restricted, enabling mountain biking or hiking with heavy loads. Moreover, with its unmatched durability (unheard of in most packs), this product will give users an active lifestyle.

Our testers felt no pain whatsoever when carrying heavy things around during the day. Thanks to its fantastic design features like the full flex point range found on these products, which are perfect if one likes dynamic sports such as scrambling up hillsides while looking stylish doing so simultaneously.


Are you tired of carrying heavy, inefficient packs? The Talon is here to solve all your problems. With a 30 ounce weight and 22 liters in volume, this pack has excellent storage capacity for day trips or long journeys. Built with PFC-free DWR nylon fabric and bluesign certified materials, you can enjoy sustainable construction without sacrificing function. However, All the extra features on this pack add a little weight. Given the smooth ride and space, the importance of the Talon seems appropriate.

A good suspension will make a big difference in how you feel about your pack. While a heavier load might slow you down during a race, the rest on your carry should be appropriate for its weight and volume for most day-to-day activities. The Talon is a pack with an excellent suspension system, and it’s durable too. You won’t even notice how heavy this thing feels after long days of hiking because its comfort level makes for leisurely walks on any terrain.

Osprey Talon 22 Weight


The Talon is the perfect pack for anyone who needs to carry their gear daily. Whether you’re traveling business-casual, going out partying hard, or camping in remote areas, this bag will get everything done with ease.

Whether you’re a frequent commuter or just using your bike as transportation, the versatility of this pack is excellent. You can attach it to any helmet and have that extra carrying capacity without having anything jostle around inside.

If you need to carry your trekking poles on the trail but don’t want them getting in the way or blocking any gear from being used by others, then this backpack is perfect for you.

The Front Side-Carry feature of Talon lets users quickly access their hands-free mode without having to remove themselves entirely from its comfortable fit around shoulders – even when carrying heavier loads than average.

However, we noticed that these packs tend to slip with larger models due as long they’re running at high speeds over rough terrains, such as during an avalanche rescue mission where detachment could cause injury if not careful, so beware of that.

verstility of osprey talon 22

Ease of Use

The Talon 22 is a well-engineered pack that offers an incredible range of features to satisfy any outdoor enthusiast. We were initially overwhelmed by it but got comfortable after using the instructions.

The best part of this pack is that they all work together seamlessly once you learn every little feature. For instance, the externally accessed hydration sleeve allows for quick refills without having to mess with your carefully packed main compartment or anything like straps. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over time as wilderness enthusiasts- disaster relief kits are necessary on any hike, no matter how short it may seem at first glance. This is a great travel bag that’s simple to pack and unpack from the plane to the trail. The panel-loading design makes it ideal for traveling.

The helmet attachment is an excellent addition for bike commuting and can be used with any headgear. It works best if your ride includes some physical activity, like climbing or running up hills; otherwise, you might find yourself having trouble keeping it on while biking. To attach the system, slide through one ventilation hole, then flatten it out to create friction against itself, so there’s no chance whatsoever that this will come off during transportation.

If bungee cords attach both ends, they’ll tug at each other when jostled around inside the bag (we recommend tucking them away before using).

With a stretchy mesh stash pocket covering the sides and back of this pack, you’ll be able to stuff an extra layer or even crampons (appropriately protected) without taking up valuable space in your daypack. In addition, the blinker attachment is fixed at its base, so there’s no need to worry about water coming through when hiking near rivers/swamps.

The harness is adjustable, but it’s one of the easiest to adjust. You can customize your shoulders straps by undoing a velcro closure and moving them wherever you want – all while being fully supported from any load that may come along! The belt also has built-in waist supports and an extra-wide padded design for comfortability during long journeys or heavy use sessions without sacrificing style points in this outfit game we play every day.

easy access of main compartments

The stretch-woven side pockets are equipped with Osprey’s InsideOut compression straps. These clever features allow you to secure your belongings without compromising the function of larger, more spacious compartments like those found on our packs for hiking or biking trips. In addition, the mesh pouches aren’t just good at holding smaller items. They can also accommodate 1 liter wide-mouth Nalgene bottles, which helps make them perfect if you plan and bring several types of containers from home (or stores) depending on what activity we’re going into today.

The stretch-woven shoulder strap pocket is a great way to store bars or other small items. Our experts had no problem with the button closure failing while their phone was too heavy, and it always keeps things from falling out if something happens.

Pockets and Organization

The Talon is a great hiking companion with its straightforward design and ample storage. First, there’s the hydration sleeve that sits behind your back panel, giving you easy access to waters from up high or on occasion when dealing with long hikes through rugged terrain were carrying water might not seem feasible. Next, the following two stretchy side pockets can hold bottles of any size.

It is perfect for taking advantage of longer journeys without needing an additional pack. Finally, we have hip belt pouches large enough to accommodate most modern phones and point-and-shoot cameras while still leaving room in between them should someone wish to add something besides themselves, such as snacks, etc.

The Talon has a zippered exterior pocket at the top, a functional stretchy shove-it pocket along its front, and one small mesh interior compartment with a key clip. So it does not lack in terms of storage options – it offers more than most packs out there.

Fit and Sizing

The Osprey Talon 22 offers an awesomely customizable fit, thanks to its flexible back panel and two sizes available. Moving the shoulder straps up or down allows you more adjustment options, while tightening them into place makes it easy for heavy loads of gear.

The design also has some other nifty features that will make this pack worth considering. Like water-resistant material on all exterior surfaces (not just zippers), Cork-like grip strips at various points throughout construction, which help prevent slipping even when wet. An ergonomic harness system with load lifter straps built right in, so there’s no need to worry about adjusting anything else once fitted correctly -and don’t forget how light these babies feel compared.


The latest update to the Talon series is an excellent example of how Osprey incorporates sustainability measures into its products. They have recently started using PFC-free DWR coatings on male and female Tempest backpacks. If released into our environment, they are harmful because they can persist in soil or aquatic systems for many years. In addition, these new fabrics were bluesign approved so that customers will know all about where your brand sources materials from.


After testing this bag, we have yet to see any signs of wear. The fabric seemed very durable, and it held up well under all kinds of conditions, from desert landscapes to snow mountainsides.

The Talon 22 pack is equipped with a rain sheet and durable, water-resistant material that does an adequate job keeping your goods dry in light rain. But it doesn’t come with its cover. Hence, if you want to avoid the hassle of carrying one around or worrying about getting caught out without any protection at all, make sure to get something like Ospreys Hi-Vis Rain Cover. It will help keep everything inside safe from puddles on walks through inclement weather conditions.


What’s not to love? This pack is jam-packed with features and comes at an unbeatable price. It may be a bit pricy, but you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of performance. If we had one criticism about this product, the cost per day (cost divided by how long each item lasts) isn’t necessarily as high when compared against other packs. However, considering all things considered – such as quality construction materials used or adjustments available on site if needed during travel time. We still think customers will find themselves more than satisfied given what they’re getting here for their buck.

Other Capacities of the Osprey Talon

The Osprey Talon series offers a wide range of sizes for all your outdoor needs. The 22-liter model is great if you want to pack light, but it’s too large when running or hiking alone and should be used as just another day trip bag with a similar capacity; take an 11L travel backpack instead. 

 The 26, 33, 36, and 44-liter versions have a top lid, while the most significant capacity bag has zippered access to the main compartment. The Osprey Ariel 20 and 30 are the newest additions to the brand’s family. Both include a 3,000-cubic-centimeter (140 cubic inches) capacity for storing food and water; webbing hydration systems; and twin zippered pockets that can fit sunglasses or other small items.

We believe the Talon 22 (and women’s Tempest 20 below) are versatile and appeal to a broad audience.

Women’s-Specific Osprey Tempest

The Osprey Talon men’s or unisex pack is a design that was first introduced as both gender-neutral and then expanded to offer different colorways for women. In addition, the Tempest 20 version has been redesigned with smaller capacity options. Still, it remains an identical model of itself tested here. Furthermore, it includes 2-litre differences in size.

 What We Like of Osprey Talon 22

  • It is a useful bag for light treks. It offers an excellent blend of comfort, utility, and compressibility.
  • The Talon is only available in one size
  • It’s ready for any adventure, from trail running to cross-country skiing. A helmet and lightweight frame, as well as an ice ax loop, make it versatile.

What We Don’t of Osprey Talon 22 

  • The backpack is less durable, so avoid to heavily loaded
  • The exterior of the tent is made of lightweight mesh, which will shorten the life of the tent
  • Less ventilated for warm weather

The Competition

The Talon is a prevalent sight on the trails, but there’s plenty of formidable competition in this market.

1. Deuter Speed Lite 24 

The Deuter Speed Lite 24 competes with similar features and capacity for around $25, cheaper than its nearest rival. However, it only comes one size-small/medium versus two sizes (large/extra large), which can be helpful to dial your fit more specifically. But if the Speed Lite fits you, it’s a great alternative to the Talon for less money. So it’s also worth checking out this cheaper option.

2. Osprey’s Stratos 24

If you’re looking for a sturdy daypack with tons of features and long-lasting durability, Osprey’s Stratos 24 might be your perfect match. This pack includes everything from stiff metal frames to excellent back ventilation, soft cushioning on hip belt straps and shoulders for comfort during heavy use.

The best thing about it? You can stuff this pack into any duffel bag or trunk without worrying that they’ll get Squished! While both of these packs are well-designed and very functional, the choice should come down to how much you want comfort when carrying weight versus if it’s more important for strength or durability.

3.Gregory’s Miwok 24

Gregory’s Miwok 24 is a perfect pack for those who enjoy the simplicity and weight savings that come with more basics. It has ample storage capacity, an appealing price tag ($10 cheaper than Osprey), along with eight exterior pockets which can hold whatever you need on your journey!

 The Talon is an excellent choice for those who want a day pack with sport-specific features. In addition, it has the LidLock bike helmet attachment system, which makes it easier to dial in your fit because you can choose between two available sizes.

Comparison Table of Osprey Talon 22 with Similar Products

Comparison1 lb. 14.6 oz.11, 22, 26, 33, 36, 44LCushionedBackpanel7 exteriorCheck price
Deuter Speed Lite 241 lb. 12 oz.20, 24, 32LCushionedU-frame6 exteriorCheck price
Osprey Stratos 242 lb. 12 oz.24, 34, 36, 50LCushionedAlloy frame5 exteriorCheck price
Gregory Miwok 241 lb. 13.6 oz.12, 18, 24, 32, 42LCushionedBackpanel8 exteriorCheck price
REI Co-op Trail 252 lb.25, 40LWebbingWebbing5 exteriorCheck price
Osprey Daylite Plus1 lb. 4.6 oz.13, 20LWebbingNone5 exteriorCheck price

Final Thoughts

The Talon 22 is a perfect balance of form and function, allowing users to take their adventures on the go. The attention detail put into this pack ensures that no matter what type or size person carries it. In addition, they will be satisfied with its Features like a ventilation system that keeps things cool during hot days while staying fresh thanks to staying clean looking design. Lastly, at only 120 dollars (which falls right within the average price range), there isn’t anything else out there quite like Osprey.

Osprey Talon 22 Price Comparison


Seller  Price 
Backcountry  $
REI Co-op $130
Amazon  Buy Now